15 reasons for having your company’s email with Google

Google Workspace

G Suite (formerly Google Apps for Work) is the array of applications developed for companies and professionals. All the technology applied to this set of software applications shares cloud-based information exchange as a common factor, thereby providing the system with mobility and adaptation options for teamwork that make communication simpler.

Of all the tools and options for companies offered by Google Apps, Gmail – the email application – has an endless list of advantages and uses that combine perfectly with the other applications included in the suite:

  1. A tool that everyone knows: Isn’t it a huge advantage when professionals are already familiar with a tool before it is implemented? Many Internet users are already in contact with Gmail on a daily basis.
  2. Forget about attachments: avoid storage space loss when sending emails with various amended versions of the same document. Store it on Drive and send it in a URL with guaranteed security and access control.
  3. Space in every email account: with the version of Gmail for companies, every user gets 30 GB of storage in their email, twice as much as with the free version.
  4. Personalised domain:Gmail can be free, but the extra storage capacity and personalised domain are only available when implementing Google Apps for Work, which enables you to personalise the email address with the name of your company.
  5. Your email on any mobile device: read and share emails wherever you are, even if you don’t have an Internet connection at the time.
  6. Chat and video calls, always available: Gmail and Hangouts combine so that, while you have your email open, you can start a parallel conversation by chat or a video call with up to 15 people.
  7. Reliability: Gmail has proven availability of 99.9%
  8. Gmail notifies you of your appointments and meetings: In your email, you can activate all the alerts from your Google Calendar so that you never miss an important date.
  9. Automatic back-up copies: Gmail saves emails as drafts without you needing to do anything. Never lose that email you are working on ever again.
  10. Simple migration from Outlook and such other services as Exchange or Lotus, thereby enabling you to keep hold of all those important messages.
  11. Compatible with the current interface:Gmail works with Microsoft Outlook, Apple Mail and Mozilla Thunderbird. Users can synchronise email, events and contacts from these desktop applications with Google Apps and vice-versa.
  12. You choose what is important: create your own hierarchy of importance for senders and use the useful labels and tabs system to keep your inbox nice and tidy.
  13. Powerful search tool:If you are still unable to find a specific email or want a shortcut, you can use the search tool.
  14. Customisable interface: Do you want a corporate image to be displayed when you open your inbox? With Gmail and its custom themes, this is possible.
  15. Protect your account with the powerful anti-spam filter.

Google Apps is far from being a mere email system. In reality, it is a tool with an endless list of possibilities and potential combinations with other features of Google Apps that make day-to-day working easier and more productive.

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