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sugar-crmSugarⓇ proposes a new CRM concept that is attracting more and more organisations. It is a more open and flexible solution compared to other traditional systems on the market. It focuses on making the relationship with customers much closer based on its commitment to usability. To achieve this goal, it involves the customer’s sales, marketing and customer service departments.

In fact, the July 2014 Sales Force Automation Magic Quadrant, by the prestigious consultancy firm, Gartner, positioned Sugar as a visionary solution, based on aspects such as innovation and consumer experience, its capacity to adapt to the market and its demands, the feasibility of the project or its marketing and sales strategies, among others. These are some of the reasons that distinguish SugarCRMⓇ from other tools found on the market and that attract many users:

1.- The “iCRM” concept

Without doubt, one of the greatest attractions of SugarCRM products is that they focus on the end user. This is the origin of the iCRM concept, in which the individual becomes the central element of the tool: a great user experience -Sugar UX™ – provides access to the necessary information on customers by the entire organisation when and where it is needed.

We must add “i2i” to this idea: the individual to individual relationship, which provides a more personal type of treatment and promotes a lasting relationship between customers and the organisation.

2.- Price

Unlike other solutions, the Sugar PurePrice™ system means that SugarCRM is very clear regarding the final price of their products, as has always been the case. Other solutions have a complicated licensing structure that often depends on many features and options that SugarCRM includes in the price; such as the tool’s mobile version.

It is essential for companies to know the total cost of their CRM solution in advance and, furthermore, the cost of SugarCRM is lower for the same range of services.

3.- Innovation that adapts to IT challenges

Unlike traditional solutions, Sugar is ready to adapt to any environment, and does not require any proprietary technology from the manufacturer. This is better suited to the real situation of businesses, which do not run the same technology all the time.

Sugar’s great flexibility is also a guarantee for the future because you can adapt to any technological change that a business may require in a situation governed by change.

4.- Consistency throughout the implementation process

All Sugar editions are based on a single codebase, the same as all their products, regardless of the implementation mode: “on demand” or on your own servers. This avoids loss of functionality issues that arise with other CRM manufacturers when their cloud-based products and “on premise” products are different.

In this sense, we must consider that a company’s future needs may change: With Sugar, we shall avoid having to implement new software if the need arises to migrate from the cloud to an “on premise” version or vice versa, thus avoiding additional costs and a lower return on investment on CRM.

5.- A fully scalable platform

When implementing a CRM system, you should not be thinking only about today’s requirements, but also future needs. Therefore, no matter what happens, a CRM solution must be a platform that is integrated in your organisation’s system; one that can be expanded and customised to the extent needed.

Sugar meets these requirements as it is completely cloud-based and does not create the scalability and customisation issues that come with more static CRM solutions.

6.- The partner system

It is impossible for a CRM supplier to understand the complexity of the whole market or of all businesses. For this reason, SugarCRM attaches great importance to cooperation with partners and, therefore, it has hundreds of experts that assist customers every step of the way to achieve their goals.

Working with SugarCRM also implies becoming part of an extensive network of hundreds of technological suppliers, with the benefits this brings to your organisation.

7.- Focused on the success of your CRM

Sugar focuses its efforts on one thing: CRM and every aspect of your organisation, the data, assigning all its experts to interact with customers. No effort is spared, no other tools that may distract attention from the main goal are needed.

Are you thinking about implementing a CRM solution in your company? Intelligence Partner is happy to introduce you to Sugar; we shall study how it can fit into your organisation’s needs and we shall assist you in implementing this innovative Customer Relationship Management tool.  ¡Contact us!

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