What do you want from a Business Intelligence tool? Tableau has it

Business Intelligence

Business intelligence has become an essential topic for companies. Having a 360º perspective on data in order to know what has happened and make decisions to change a certain situation has required business intelligence solutions to work on innovative ideas and become more powerful, secure and easier to operate for users. Hence, implementing Tableau means starting to work with a cutting-edge tool that has perfectly adapted to all these requirements:

  • Quick and easy implementation: Unlike the complex business intelligence implementation processes that require knowledge of programming languages, Tableau works with data in real time and integrates with the existing data system and architecture.
  • Powerful analysis. Its memory architecture allows users to work with the analysis of live data but can also be used to harness its data storage features: to draft in-depth statistics, detect trends and identify regressions or correlations.
  • Rapid analysis. Tableau allows you to answer questions about the data from your company almost as quickly as they can be asked thanks to its revolutionary VizQL™ technology that maintains a continuous flow.
  • Ease of use: Tableau stands out because of its user experience and intuitive features. Your data are transformed into revealing images at a single click and creating reports is far simpler and quicker while allowing you to create all the display combinations you want in order to obtain smart dashboards.
  • Visualisation. Tableau is especially different from other solutions because of its visual experience that has been adapted to be as intuitive as possible. Your data in an image help ensure that everything is perfectly understood at a glance and enables you to detect better opportunities.
  • Compatibility with databases. You can work up to 10 different data sources, either from the database stored in the Tableau memory or against the data source of your company (using live data): spreadsheets, cloud services, Hadoop…
  • Working with data in real time and choosing the update: you can programme data updates, do so in intervals or do it all at once.
  • Mobility and compatibility with devices. Tableau has also considered the day-to-day needs stemming from the geographic mobility of many professionals, meaning they can access and work from their tablet.
  • Share to grow. With Tableau, you can use the dashboards to share any data you want with whomever you want (even with thousands of people) in order to increase your decision-making capabilities and do so securely.
  • Does it appear in the Gartner Magic Quadrant? This study particularly identifies the innovations that lead the market and user experiences, and Tableau does not only appear in the best business intelligence tools “gauge” but is also the leading such tool for the third consecutive year.
  • Scalability. It enables the number of users to be increased (up to thousands of them) with full availability and perfect operation by the tool.
  • “Instant” deployment worldwide. Intelligence Partner offers the Tableau Server services hosted on Google Compute Engine infrastructure. Through this service, both the scalability and availability of all the information analyses is guaranteed with a simple browser anywhere in the world with unequalled performance.

Expand your capacity for growth with the data visualisation offered by Tableau, discover new opportunities and reach them better than your clients and ahead of the competition. At Intelligence Partner, we can help you company make the most of this tool through implementation in the Google cloud, thereby guaranteeing high levels of scalability, accessibility and availability.

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