Updated version (v1.5) of Google Apps Password Sync (GAPS)

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What’s New:

  • GAPS now uses the Crypt hash function (salted SHA512 hashes instead of SHA1) when updating the password with the Directory API.
  • Uses new OAuth 2.0 endpoints to authorize and refresh tokens (avoids conflict when overriding DNS to enforce SafeSearch).
  • Improved feedback in the configuration UI to help diagnose issues with authorization. Improved trace logging and Windows Event Log system messages.
  • Removed redundant log events for computer accounts.
  • Improved diagnostic logging for authorization issues can now be found in the service authorization logs.

Note: There is also a new version of the GAPS support tool available to help you troubleshoot your GAPS installation.

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Launch Details

Release track:Launching to both Rapid release and Scheduled release

Rollout pace:Full rollout

Impact:Admins only

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