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google_apps_for_WorkThe use of Google Apps for Work represents a considerable saving: in software licences, servers, maintenance, updates and even energy. That’s why, to date, over five million companies all over the world have switched to Google Apps for Work.

Besides the savings, some of the main reasons why companies start working with this solution include the creation of more efficient project teams, more productive meetings, working from anywhere and doing so with the guarantee of data security and connected devices. Of course, every company has its own reasons and requirements. We have gathered the experience of a few of them:

One of the most important companies in Spain was BBVA, which implemented this platform as a commitment to innovation and to increase productivity. According to José Olalla, CIO of BBVA, over 110,000 employees are using the platform and producing excellent results.

Not only private companies are joining Google Apps, but the public administration services are also on the ball. This is the case of the Public Employment Service of Extremadura (SEPXE), which claims to have received over two million more visits in the first two months since it was launched and that 7,000 people registered on the platform. These users gained access to all the Google applications from that first moment on.

The multinational transport and logistics company Grupo Boyacá also sees numerous benefits in the use of Google Apps. Implementation led to both an improvement in performance by its more than 2,500 workers at 15 branches worldwide and an improvement in the work done and cost reduction achieved by the company. The aspect most-highly valued by its customers is the flexibility of the web-based services, as well as the information storage capability.

In the insurance sector, such companies as GES and FIATC, have implemented the solution with help from Intelligence Partner. GES Seguros, where Google Apps has become a fundamental tool for its commercial system, highlights the mobility and collaboration gained, as well as the flexibility and availability benefits brought by working with such a first-rate provider as Google. Meanwhile, FIATC – a company that employs close to 1,000 sales representatives – highlights the multi-solution nature of the tool, easy implementation, administration simplicity and cost saving, among other benefits.

 Small- and medium-sized enterprises also benefit from Google Apps for Work and adapt it to their own needs. One example of this is Alqvimia, a Catalan high-end natural cosmetics brand that chose this solution over others because it was “economically convenient”, highlighting the mobility, constant connection to daily tasks and “knowing what needs to be done at all times”.

There is a chance that, like these and other companies, your company has a good reason to try Google Apps. If this is the case, Intelligence Partner – as the premier Google Apps for Work partner – can help you implement this solution, migrate your current system and offer technical support, administration, training and an assessment of your needs.

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