The best ten reasons to change to Google Apps

Google Workspace

Are you familiar with Google Apps? You may not have realised, but you are sure to have seen or heard about them. Who hasn’t heard of Gmail? Well, that’s only the tip of the iceberg…

In our day to day tasks, increasingly connected with technology, we consider turning to Google to search for information, or to Google Maps to situate ourselves or reach a place, as normal. There is no coincidence in that. Whether you use a PC, Tablet or mobile, these tools have become our benchmarks. A fact we assume as normal. What if we give Google a chance in other fields? In business productivity, for example…

We shall give you ten reasons to think about. Only ten. To begin with. But frankly, there are many more. Let’s start:

1. Because you will gain in productivity.

Combining Mail, Google Docs, Google Calendar, Google Drive, Google Sites and Hangouts, all coordinated and always available, you will be productive anywhere and on any device.

You can save lots of time with your colleagues and with customers in a simple, integrated and efficient way.

2. Because cooperation becomes collaboration, and in real time.

While you are editing a document on Google Docs (either a spreadsheet or text), others can see it on the fly. You can even see the position of the cursor while the rest are moving through the document. You can add comments and interact with total freedom. You collaborate.

You can call a meeting, confirm attendance, get together remotely, with cameras or without, you can share your screen and decisions are made quickly.

3. Because it will reduce costs in the medium and long term.

You will no longer have to invest so much in local infrastructures. The essential elements for your work will be in the cloud, at a much lower cost than what is required for their maintenance on-site: fewer servers, lower criticality in local communications, reduced IT management costs.

And think about the direct and indirect savings that occur when you can meet with other people from your own PC or your Smartphone. Time “stretches”, and your mobility is enhanced. Up to 40% savings according to Forrester! Or even a reduction in the length of meetings by up to 50%.

4. Your understanding of communications will change and they will cease to be a problem.

That’s it, a defining moment. After trying Hangouts you will see that there is no going back. Communications are no longer one-to-one by phone. Up to 15 participants and without a time limit.

I connect with people who do not have to use Google Apps, and it adapts to the available bandwidth. The quality of the transmissions is much better than what you think. And always good enough to be able to work.

5. Because everything will be much easier.

You will start using the same tools in the office as you use in your private life. You are already familiar with them. We are talking about the Google user experience. Everything is consistent, so that the learning curve is as smooth as possible.

There will be no issues either even if you are an Office user. You can edit, download and convert Microsoft Office files to their Google counterparts.

6. Because you can work off-line seamlessly.

Ok, we are constantly talking about cloud-based services. However, the truth is that there are times when we are disconnected. We don’t like this in our current way of life, but this is not an obstacle for Google Apps.

You can set up your Google Drive to work off-line, with locally saved documents stored, and the same can be said for Gmail or Calendar. And when you connect again, everything will synchronize in the cloud.

7. Because your information is secure.

Very important, without a doubt. Date protection and privacy cannot be compromised. Administrators may rest assured, because we have successfully passed many audits and data are protected based on soc 2/3 standards, which include aspects, such as security, availability, integrity and confidentiality.

As you may have many queries, it would be advisable to visit this Google site where everything is explained in great detail.

8. Because you can try without no “long-term commitment”.

Indeed. Not only may you extend or reduce your subscriptions to this service when you need to, there is no commitment of any kind, either. However, it is true that if you wish, there are better deals if you opt for an annual subscription.

Nevertheless, if you want to change providers, just as we make your subscription process easy, we shall also facilitate your migration if you decide to stop using the suite.

9. Because of its straightforward subscription plans.

Only two options. It is not so confusing as other providers. The differences are clear and to summarise them we can say that the most complete option provides unlimited storage and Google Vault. However, there are more details and, if you want, we can explain them to you directly. You will be able to assess which of the two options best adapts to your business.

10. Now you can take advantage of this unbeatable offer.

Migrating to Google Apps has another benefit… If you are waiting for your Enterprise Contract Agreement with Microsoft to expire to take the step, this is no longer necessary. Google will provide you with the licenses for free until you finish your contract with Microsoft, and will subsidize consultancy costs with up to €20 per user. You will be saving from day one.

Those are the ten reasons, but there is really one more: you have us, Intelligence Partner, not only to provide detailed assessment regarding this option as expert consultants, we will also be there to continue providing the advice, support and added value you expect from such an important proposal for your business as this one.

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