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SugarCRM para ventasTraditionally, customer relationship management has been considered by sales professionals more of a hindrance than a help to achieving their objectives. The main reason has been the lack of platform empathy with end users, with the individual. SugarCRM is here to change all this and, that is the reason it is considered a visionary solution.

Based on its innovative technology,  SugarCRM adapts to the needs of every individual, whether they are sales agents or managers, providing them with the data they need to work and, therefore improving productivity. At the same time, SugarCRM provides sales teams with guidance regarding targets and tasks, it enhances cooperation and specialisation among the workforce and helps detect opportunities. All this translates into stronger sales.

1­­.- Multi-Channel

A CRM solution should not be merely a system that stores data compiled after contacting a customer. It should be connected to a wide range of tools used by all companies on a daily basis and that transmit significant information: from accounting to profiles on social networks, a valuable source of information that more and more organisations are monitoring.

This is the approach that SugarCRM has developed, resulting in its 360-degree CRM. This system provides information on every customer from every point of view, including a privileged view of their purchasing history and key contacts with your organisation, resulting in a clear advantage over the competition.

2.- Team work

The advantages of integrating all the people who participate in the sales process, giving them, and not only the managers and agents, access to the system and customer data, are immediate.

Although sales can originate at times through a single individual, the reality is that collaborative work is more effective and agents always need a team behind them. If we keep this in mind, we cannot deny the importance that our CRM tool should be extremely collaborative, so that professionals can connect and collect the highest quality information as soon as possible. Ultimately, a greater flow of information means that the entire team can strive to achieve the targets set out by the managers.

3.- Improved data quality

The results of a CRM solution that integrates all the people involved in the sales process are extremely beneficial: the system will obtain valuable information for the company, ensuring data updates and quality.

SugarCRM provides data in a clear and simple manner, facilitating the work of busy professionals who require an intuitive tool capable of providing the most relevant information, as well as filtering everything to obtain specific data on one screen.

Other factors that contribute to the quality of the data is its constant updating, which SugarCRM performs through real-time Pipeline management so that indicators and changes are updated as they happen. Updating also takes place through real time cooperation between the agents using the tool; contributing to the so-called Social Business.

4.- More accurate forecasting and better sales projections

The quality of the data means that it is possible to make better and more accurate earnings forecasts, detect sales opportunities faster, more predictable revenue sources, a better understanding of trends and of customers’ opinions.

It is usually difficult to make sales forecasts in traditional CRM solutions due to the time they take to provide valuable data or because they are complicated to use. If, instead of seeing them as a waste of time, projections served to improve sales, it would be easier to win market share. Therefore, it is important to see things from the point of view of the agents and not only of managers, providing simply and intuitive forecasts that reflect the impact of each deal on the market share in a graphical, visual format.

With SugarCRM, the sales automation process and the integration of everyday applications contribute to enhancing productivity, while the visualisation of permanently available high quality data by all the members of the team results in an increase in sales.

At Intelligence Partner we can help you with the deployment of SugarCRM and its integration with other applications used by your company. Contact us for information on our implementation or consultancy services regarding this CRM solution.


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