SugarCRM has refined its tool to make it more user-friendly and improve business results


Usability and efficiency for sales teams have been the focus of the improvements of the latest version of the Sugar CRM tool.

In April, Sugar presented its new version for mobile environments, and just over one month ago, it was the turn of the desktop edition, with the launch of SugarCRM 7.9.

Here are the most relevant innovations:

  • The most noteworthy aspect is a new commercial offers module, which has been redesigned from scratch. There is a new user interface integrated into the Sugar Sidecar framework and new features, such as improvements in grouping, the reordering of rows using drag-and-drop techniques, and in multi-currency support. Creating sales offers is much easier and powerful than before: this means you can now create, send, or print offers without having to leave Sugar and switch to another tool. A significant improvement in
  • As it is compatible with Sidecar (your new smart panel) and Sugar Logic (the technology that controls customizable business process designs), this improvement enhances the ability to adapt CRM to the specific needs of each business and its sales department.
  • The commercial versions of Sugar include a BPM process manager with which administrators can implement more complex business processes. For example, using more comparison options, more operators, activating processes (triggers) depending on which fields change or based on a specific value.
  • The 7.9 version incorporates new structured search capabilities because now we can use logical operators (AND, OR, and NOT) to refine and improve the results of global searches. Or new field operators, such as “contains,” “starts with” or “ends in”. All this needs a little practice and the ability to “think like a machine” to ensure that the results are those you truly need.
  • Another excellent improvement in usability is the new Help window, which replaces the Help Dashboard and explains how SugarCRM works more accurately, contextualising records and resolving queries better. More specifically, the link at the bottom of the Sugar page now opens the help panel, which provides a brief introduction to the Sidecar module currently in use, provides links to learning resources (such as, for example, Documentation and Support) and a link to the guided tour.
  • We must not forget to mention the safety SugarCRM 7.9 is now a more secure and faster tool than before. The data management layer allows the use of Prepared Statements, which prevents potential security vulnerabilities. At the same time, PHP 7.1 is significantly faster than PHP 5.6 and requires fewer server resources, leading directly to faster loading times.

Many of these developments open new avenues for the use of a tool that is already very powerful.

If you need help to refine its deployment further, or if these new features we have just mentioned encourage you to try it out, please do not hesitate to contact our consultants to help you design your project. The project your business needs.

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