Savings with Google Apps, an excellent reason for companies

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Google Apps for work 300x2016Increasingly more financial supervisors in businesses are realising that doing away with traditional software and adopting software as a service (SaaS) involves many benefits. There is a long list of success stories of those who have been able to allocate that budget to other more productive aspects of the company, in addition to independent studies that validate this view.

In short, the fact that the cloud represents significant savings in IT costs is no longer a secret and thousands of companies and financial departments have decided to take the step and use the services provided by the Google cloud platform and the Google Apps for Work suite.

However what is it exactly that makes it possible to dedicate fewer funds to these functions by using Google Apps? 

  • Forget about traditional software with all the savings in IT licences that this implies. Departments require different programs and applications for their daily tasks.
  • Forget about the Hardware. Savings in servers is another good reason to move to Google Apps. Over time, storage becomes more necessary (mail, files and documents…). It does away with the additional costs of having servers.
  • Reduce maintenance costs. Google Apps has been designed to do this.
  • Always updated: You only need to update your browser to work with the latest versions of Google Apps because the Google team updates them for you so that you do not have to configure anything; it is all included in the price.
  • More for less: the increase in capacity compared to other options is a saving in itself because you get more storage in Drive and in your mail account, paying less. Another element to be noted is the scalability of the environment, which allows your company to grow without problems associated to this; all you need is to acquire more Google Apps usernames.
  • : the user-friendly nature of Google enables you to invest far less than other products in training to achieve the greatesTrainingt potential.
  • Many tools, a single license: All the tools included in a Google Apps for Work account (Gmail, Calendar, Docs, Drive, Sites and Hangout) require one single payment for most of the software you company will need to operate. Collaboration, communication, storage and administration all in one.
  • Use it in endless devices without any additional cost. Today, mobility is a key aspect for any company and the cloud enables you to overcome this barrier without having to pay a penny more.
  • Energy savings: Google Apps services do not only represent a saving in monetary costs, they also save up to 80% of power compared to other services and they reduce your company’s impact on the environment. Do not forget that saving energy is also a way of cutting costs.
  • Security savings: Google is responsible for ensuring your data is safe every day. You do not have to invest a penny for this.

In addition to all these reasons, bear in mind that when you begin to use Google Apps you will free yourself from having to prepare a budget that includes multiple licenses; on the contrary, you will have a fixed annual cost per employee and know that everything you need will be included in that item, without unexpected issues or costs (servers, patches, updates…)

You can check the savings your business can make by implementing Google Apps yourself using this calculator.

You can also contact Intelligence Partner, a Premier Partner of Google for Work in Spain, and request more information on the assessment and implementation of this solution. We shall help you with the installation, support, administration and training regarding Google Apps.


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