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We have often referred to the benefits and savings which implementing Google Apps for Work can bring to companies that use the tools; a Return on Investment of more than 300% .

A good example of such savings is PopSugar:  110,000 dollars in annual savings. The entertainment website has stopped paying this amount since it changed Microsoft for Google Apps when its IT manager, Bjorn Pave, joined the company. When he started working for PopSugar, they used older versions of Office and Office 365 for email and Pave had previous experience with Microsoft products, such as Exchange, Office and Outlook.

After comparing both options, they decided to change to Google Apps. Until then, the company had been paying Microsoft about 100,000 dollars a year on software licenses for products that the company did not want or need.

In comparison, the cost of Google Apps stood at around 30,000 per year, and there were other savings, too. For example, employees could use Google Hangouts for telephone conferences. In all, this saved PopSugar 110,000 dollars a year.

The economic impact of Google Apps for Work on businesses according to Forrester

This summer, Forrester Research published a report on the economic impact of Google Apps for Work on businesses. The results are revealing:  Google’s suite accounts for a ROI of up to 304%.

These savings are mainly due to four fundamental aspects: Collaboration, mobility and communication and the use of the cloud. The total benefit calculated over a period of 3 years exceeds 17 million dollars – compared with 4.2 million for implementation costs – and the collaborative efficiency accounts for savings of around 8 million dollars.

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Take advantage of the opportunity to save even more with Google Apps until March

If you are looking for an opportunity to change to Google Apps and experience these advantages in your company, here it is! Now you can save a large portion of the costs you pay Google and put off paying until your current EA with Microsoft ends. Furthermore Google covers most of the migration, deployment and training costs  Make the most of this unique opportunity!

This promotion is part of a major campaign to enable large and medium-size companies to migrate their services from Microsoft to Google, an opportunity that many are taking.

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