Reducing costs and increasing storage is possible with Google Apps

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Google_Apps_Intelligence_PartnerThe amount of information that companies need to store each new working day is considerable. If we then add all the newly-generated data that is exchanged between users via email or instant messaging conversations, as well as all those old documents in various formats that need to be kept, we find ourselves with an enormous number of files that occupy significant storage capacity and represent a truly considerable server cost.

Fortunately, the cloud computing solution from Google, Google Apps for Work, enables you to dispose of antiquated local servers while increase storage capacity and adopting a new IT model at the same time that adapts to the new world we live in, with predictable annual costs and incredible scalability.

  • The storage capacity of Google Drive enables companies to have all their information and documents stored in a safe place. Besides documents of importance to any department, which can be digital copies of hard copy material, any chat conversations are stored by default as recordings in the history of each user.
  • Forget about email attachments and sending various versions of a single document, which reduces storage capacity and constantly duplicates content. Having Google Drive also means that, by sending an email that includes a URL, you can allow anyone you deem necessary (the administrator grants permissions) to access the information you want them to access. You no longer have to send large emails that take forever to arrive. Remember that you can include various formats in Google Drive: text documents, spreadsheets, videos, images and photographs…
  • The storage capacity of Google Drive and Gmail enables employees at your company to work without the typical problems we encounter with email accounts that use antiquated servers: constant maintenance and, above all, a lack of space. You will never again waste time waiting to send or receive emails and you will never need to delete an email in order to keep working.

 How to administrate the Google Apps storage quota

Each user can store up to 30 GB of content with Google Apps for Work shared between Gmail, Google Drive and Google+ Photos, thereby doubling the capacity of the free individual accounts from the Google suite.

Google Apps for Work grows with your business. It is highly scalable, so if more storage is needed due to business growth and the increased capabilities of your company, additional space can always be purchased. Google Apps Unlimited – the premium version of this solution – offers unlimited storage to companies and the storage of files up to 5 TB (this is limited to 1 TB per user for companies with four or fewer users) and this storage expansion can be assigned to specific users, not necessarily all of them.

Your company’s information is always stored under the highest Google Apps security guarantee and a 99.9% availability guarantee that ensures you always have access to your documents from any standard device with Internet connectivity.

In short, the Google cloud gives you large storage capacity, a saving on maintenance costs and lower costs for additional space and servers, while making work more productive for professionals thanks to the elimination of attachments that limit their emails. In short, more space and productivity for less money.

Do not hesitate to contact Intelligence Partner, the premier Google for Work partner in Spain, to request more information on the assessment and implementation of this solution. We can help you install this solution and provide technical support, administration and training on Google Apps.


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