Promociones Habitat has selected Google Message Security

Barcelona, March 26, 2010. PROMOCIONES HABITAT, one of the largest developers in Spain, has selected the Google Message Security service, distributed in Spain by Intelligence Partner, to manage the security of all it e-mail accounts. According to Sixto Garcia, Head of the technological department, “thanks to this service, we will have the best Anti-virus and Anti-spam technology on the market at a very low cost and without any infrastructure costs”.

As it is based on “Cloud Computing” technology, it will enable us to continue with our current e-mail system without having to make any changes. The service is activated automatically and ready for use in less than two hours.

“I believe this has been a very wise decision by PROMOCIONES HABITAT. E-mail services together with mail and web security are critical issues for any company, but are not part of their core skills. This makes them the type of application that makes more sense to take “from the cloud”, to take advantage of significant economies of scale and improved services”, stated Ignacio Bañó, Managing Partner of Intelligence Partner.

Intelligence Partner is the first Spanish consultancy company that specialises in Cloud Computing technologies. Intelligence Partner provides solutions in the fields of Marketing, Sales, Customer Services, Human Resources, Recoveries, Real Estate Asset Sales, Messaging and Collaboration.

Promociones Habitat
Habitat was established in Barcelona in 1953. Throughout its long life, it has promoted the construction of over 60,000 homes across Spain. Architectural quality and its capacity for innovation have become its main hallmarks. Habitat markets a wide-ranging offer of residential housing in Barcelona, Madrid, Seville, Malaga, Las Palmas…

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