Presenting Tableau 9.0: Faster, smarter and customised

Business Intelligence

Tableau 9.0Tableau is launching its version 9.0 with important new features to further improve your company data analysis experience:

  • Ease of use: Exploring and presenting your data is easier, faster and more visual than ever with a new start menu, an enriched points history format and miniature preview mode. You can now create disposable “new metrics” – the typical simple calculations for working with various metrics in a single report without the need to create something permanent.
  • Tableau provides an immediate visual response as you further develop your data analysis. The new version incorporates improvements on the analysis panel, instant analysis, quick marks and emerging descriptions, smart calculation editor and LoD expressions (Level of Detail – enables calculations to be performed at a different information aggregation level than the level of detail used for visualisation in the report). For example, the new panel allows you to drag reference lines, forecasts, trend lines, box diagrams and other analysis elements directly to your view. This speeds up the process to increase the complexity of the queries you make on your data.
  • Smart maps, which allow simpler interaction and an easier response to geographic queries.
  • Preparation of data spreadsheets. Do not fret if your spreadsheets are disorganised. With Tableau, connection is easy and you can organise your data as you connect to it (drastically reducing the need to “prepare” the information in Excel in a certain way).
  • New Tableau Server and Tableau Online, reprogrammed to be faster, scalable and functional, and to create a new appearance with a more intuitive browser.
  • Faster performance. The individual improvements made to Tableau 9.0 combine to produce an overall increase in execution speed that is reflected in both extraction queries and parallel queries or query merging and allows previous queries stored in the cache to be reused.
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