Positioning your services with Google Maps: Much more than a collection of pins on a map

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Positioning a business’s services through Google Maps geolocation is becoming a key tool in the growth of many enterprises.
The data leave no room for doubt: 55% of businesses enhance their relations with customers, 54% have increased their profits, and 53% do not only make better decisions, they do so with greater confidence.

Google Maps is much more than pins on a map. According to the leader in geopositioning, each week one thousand million people view 10,000 million maps from one million different websites. They all have the same goal: find services on a map.

Who has never used this system more than once a week for both personal and professional purposes?

Independent consultants confirm the importance of geolocation for businesses

Our blog is publishing the results of a recent study by Forrester Research  sponsored by Google that included 381 businesses in the APAC region (Asia-Pacific) that are currently using Google’s positioning services. They submitted their answers online and by telephone, and revealed how they were using this cloud service provider’s APIs.

The APAC is a region in which 89% of organisations are adopting geolocation-based services. They are currently achieving substantial improvements in their activities and businesses.

In summary, the report reveals four significant figures: no less than 94% of companies obtain tangible profits in their businesses, 50% have managed to improve customer satisfaction levels, 40% have improved productivity, and 37% have increased the efficiency of their businesses.

By sectors, 42% belong to IT (software, hardware, and services), followed at a distance by Telcos (7.6%) and public sector companies (7.0%). In any case, the sample includes enterprises from all fields of business: financial services, the media, transport, real estate, construction companies, manufacturers, industrial services, retail, and health services.

Google Maps: Affordable technology for SMEs

However, the most surprising and interesting aspect is that the survey includes many companies with 0 to 30 employees (more than 16%) and that the number of organisations with fewer than 100 employees exceeds 32%. What does this mean? It means that Google services are affordable technologies for companies of all sizes.

Although many organisations began by indicating the position of their services on Google maps, they soon realised the potential for many of their departments.

31% of companies reported that Google Maps brought their businesses revenue worth more than 100,000 dollars since they implemented it, and 10% acknowledged revenue worth more than 500,000 dollars.

Over time, Google Maps has become a familiar environment for all users. You do not need to be an expert to realise its practical applications when it comes to providing services and creating value for organisations; combining relevant information on a company with its geolocation.

If you would like to implement a project that makes the most of Google Maps APIs with the assistance of an expert, please do not hesitate to contact us without obligation.


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