Pharmaceutical industry: why is Field Service Management software vital?

Field Service Management

Along with the important efforts made in R+D, the pharmaceutical industry must also commit to the continuous improvement of its service capacity and, therefore, invest in people and in the equipment that takes part in this task. In an era which increasingly demands more immediacy of services offered by the pharmaceutical industry, it is vital to fulfil the allocated tasks quickly, with a perfect coordination between equipment and thanks to a precise communication and in real time between all of the stakeholders in the pharmaceutical process. In this sense, Field Service Management (FSM) solutions are essential in order to achieve success, and they will be increasingly important with the progressive incorporation of advanced features of Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning.

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Field Service Management software, a basic ingredient in the masterful formula for the success of the pharmaceutical sector

In recent years, the pharmaceutical industry has been undertaking a significant economic endeavour in the research and development of new products, as well as the continuous improvement of those that already exist.

One of the recent indicators is represented by the sector’s record investment in R+D in 2020, which reached 1,211 million euros. It is an extremely positive indicator and one which illustrates the growing importance of the sector in the economy of our country as a whole.

However, this fact does not necessarily translate into a greater success of the companies from the sector. The reason? This investment needs to be accompanied by another which has the aim of optimising the human resources and materials of these companies, whilst also guaranteeing compliance with the sector’s regulatory demands.

Put another way: pharmaceutical companies must also look for excellence in the distribution of their products, an aspect in which the management of field workers is fundamental. And this is where Field Service Management solutions such as Task4Work play a leading role.

5 benefits of FSM software for the pharmaceutical industry

Field Service Management software represents a major step forward in the management of companies’ after-sales services: the automation of these processes removes an enormous amount of paper documents and enables large amounts of information to be stored, which facilitates the technicians (customer records, materials used, related information, etc.).

Furthermore, using field service management software generates an increase in the profitability of companies by allowing a precise planning of tasks, reducing dead time in the service and substantially increasing the productivity of mobile staff (the two latter aspects being extremely important in pharmaceutical distribution).

In this sense, we are going to look at the main benefits that a field services management system can provide to a pharmaceutical company:

1. It streamlines distribution orders

Speed is fundamental in pharmaceutical distribution. The critical dependence of some people on essential medication for their illnesses and treatments requires the distribution to pharmaceutical cooperatives, which serve pharmacies, to be extremely agile.

An FSM software such as Task4Work helps to achieve it. It helps pharmaceutical companies to digitally send tasks to each mobile technician, who receive them on their mobile device. These tasks may include the best route to the destination, the service history and even the option of generating service reports.

This digitalisation of services enables data to be accumulated to subsequently create interactive KPIs, create customer reports and other additional documents to improve efficiency.

2. It improves efficiency with the optimisation of routes and planning

Current FSM solutions include an advanced system of route optimisation which enables task planners and mobile technician coordinators to substantially improve and automate their day-to-day processes of programming and allocating tasks. For example:

  • It automates programmed allocations, taking into account criteria such as the planned proximity of the technician or their level of experience
  • It mechanises route planning
  • It tracks field workers in real time
  • It reduces transport costs
  • It optimises the productivity of technicians, saving time and effort

3. It improves communication with mobile technicians

Thanks to an FSM solution for the pharmaceutical industry, technicians can record their service notes, test results, quality data, parts consumed and labour used on the device, as well as capture images/videos when they arrive at their destination with their mobile devices.

This real-time information is essential both for the pharmaceutical company and their customers, who can also record their relationship history with the company. Finally, and no less important, field service management solutions also enable pharmaceutical company customers to find out the location of the technician in real time, essential information in delivery processes.

4. Monitoring of teams and technicians

Using FSM software, a pharmaceutical company can have exact control over the location of each technician and in real time and, therefore, of the material equipment used in the incidents.

5. Immediacy in the handling of emergencies

In both the repair of machinery and the distribution of pharmaceuticals, field service management solutions are one of the best allies of pharmaceutical companies when it comes to handling emergencies.

Their advanced geolocation technology enables coordinators or managers to identify and locate the closest technician on the map quickly, know whether they are available and even whether they have the required specific knowledge to solve that emergency. Once this technician is selected, he/she can modify their service route to reach the place of the incident as quickly as possible.

Task4Work, the perfect Field Service Management solution for the pharmaceutical industry

At intelligence Partner, we have significant expertise in the pharmaceutical sector. Our technicians and consultants have an in-depth knowledge of the requirements and characteristics of the sector, and they master the latest trends in both Field Services and in technology.

This combination of knowledge and experience is embodied in our FSM solution, Task4Work, a comprehensive Field Service Management software which fits perfectly with the objectives of pharmaceutical companies that want to make the service they offer a differentiating factor to base their success on.

If you want field services to have an important specific weight in your pharmaceutical company, contact us and we will explain how to do it. Our experts will study your case and will show you the best way to triumph.

Find the formula for success in your pharmaceutical company’s services with Task4Work!

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