Opportunities for sharing your location with Google Maps in real-time

Google Maps Platform

The Google Maps App makes it possible to share the location of users in real-time with a specific audience and for a limited time. This provides the opportunity to respond to two very common issues: Where are you? And, what time you will arrive?

Many of us are already familiar with the possibility of knowing the real-time location of a particular object equipped with a GPS transmitter. In this sense, it provides truly useful functions, such as monitoring the movements of vehicles, valuable items, or even people. Many companies already use geolocation services to provide a better user experience, by completing the information to which they have access regarding, for example, a certain purchase or delivery. There are interesting business opportunities related to applying this functionality, by incorporating it into their online services or directly to their mobile Apps.  Companies like Glovo or Cabify are aware of this and already use what is likely to be a key element in their commercial offer in the coming years.


The user has the key. Until now, the company would know the real-time location of its employees, or products, and share it with users.

Now each user has, through their mobile phone, computer or tablet, the opportunity to share their location in real-time. You can decide to whom, when and for how long you want to transmit this information. This will certainly be a challenge for companies, which must adapt their business strategies to make the most of this functionality.


The answer is clear. Companies, through user experience.

The transport sector is the first one that comes to mind when thinking of real-time location, as it was one of the first to see the wide-reaching advantages of this system at internal management levels. Now, the challenge is to know how to use this function strategically and, therefore, user experience is the key.

But why confine these opportunities to one industry? At Intelligence Partner, we believe that there are many sectors that could make use of this new Google Maps feature and make it the differentiating factor that will make them stand out from the competition.

Imagine a company dedicated to organising events. It would have real-time information on the arrival of attendees, which would make it possible to improve the catering service.

Instant messaging companies, such as WhatsApp, are considering the possibility of adapting this Google Maps function to offer their users the chance to share their location in real-time.

Emergency services and official bodies would also find this feature very interesting. Think of the elderly, children, or even people doing sport. If a mountain climber has the option to activate it and send his real-time location directly to the rescue services in the event of an accident, or if he got lost, or in any other emergency situation, the emergency teams would have access to his location immediately, accurately and easily.

Thanks to the Google Maps APIs, Intelligence Partner can adapt these capabilities to your business. Whatever your industry, we know that this new function can make all the difference.

For this reason, we will be happy to provide all our experience in developing customised solutions based, in this case, on the Google Maps geolocation services for any practical application that will help to improve your processes or that will enable you to offer new and better services to your customers. As experts in the entire range of Google cloud services, we will be able to integrate it into the rest of your business’ operations, such as communication and collaboration services.

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