New sign-in page for Google Apps customers (coming next year)

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Early next year, the sign-in page for all Google Apps customers will be updated to be consistent across all Google Apps services. In other words, the sign-in page for Gmail will now be identical to the sign-in page for Google Calendar, Google Drive, or any other Google Apps service. This change will improve security and make it easier for users to switch between accounts. This means a few things for your organization:

The Google Apps sign-in page can no longer be personalized with colors and custom logos. It will now look the same across all Google sign-in pages.

Users will have to log in with their full email address (example:

For SSO domains with a network mask, users will be presented with the new Google sign-in page when they log in from outside the SSO network mask. This change does not affect SSO domains without a network mask.

We will be providing more details in the next few months so you can properly communicate this change to your end users. Stay tuned.

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