Announcing new enterprise-grade controls and visibility in G Suite

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Scale. Speed. Lower total cost of ownership. The cloud offers enterprises significant benefits and gives their teams a freedom that’s as big as their ambitions. G Suite supports such businesses around the world with our unified suite of intelligent apps. Today, more than 3 million paying businesses rely on G Suite to make working together easier, including Whirlpool, PWC, and Woolworths.

Having greater control and visibility when protecting sensitive assets, however, should also be a top concern in today’s world. That’s why starting today, Google is giving customers the critical control and visibility they expect (and their CTOs and regulators often require) in G Suite with:

  • More powerful access control for administrators with Security Key enforcement
  • More data control with Data Loss Prevention (DLP) for Google Drive, DLP for Gmail, and S/MIME for Gmail
  • More analytics and insights by connecting BigQuery with Gmail

Manage who can access your company’s devices and systems

Security Key enforcement: In 2011, Google introduced 2-step verification for added protection when users log into their Google accounts. With 2-step verification, admins can opt for their company to use Security Keys, which are both easier for users and more secure against common (phishing) attacks than other methods. Security Keys plug directly into a laptop or pair with a mobile device using Bluetooth or NFC, instead of receiving a code via text. Today, Google is adding the ability for admins to enforce this measure by restricting login solely to users with a Security Key. Admins will also be able to manage the deployment of Security Keys and view usage reports.

Control how data is shared beyond your company

  • Data loss prevention (DLP) for Google Drive: In 2015, Google launched DLP for Gmail with easy-to-set-up rules, OCR image scan recognition and advanced customization. Today, Google is extending DLP to Google Drive, making it even easier for admins to secure sensitive data, control what content can be stored and protect users from accidentally sharing confidential information externally. G Suite’s DLP protection goes beyond standard DLP with easy-to-configure rules and OCR recognition of content stored in images so admins can easily enforce policies and control how data is shared.  Compartir-datos
  • S/MIME for Gmail: When it comes to Gmail security, there are dozens of security measures running behind the scenes to keep your emails safe, and Google support industry-standard authentication to help combat email spoofing. Unfortunately, other email services that you exchange emails with might not take similar measures to protect your data. That’s why Google is offering additional protection by giving you the option to bring your own certificates for S/MIME encryption. Administrators will be able to enforce S/MIME usage and can set DLP rules based on specific organizational unit needs.

Understand employee behavior and activity

  • Gmail logs + BigQuery integration: Gmail logs contain valuable information that can help administrators diagnose issues or unlock insights. Today, Google is making it easier to analyze Gmail logs with a preconfigured BigQuery integration so administrators can run sophisticated, high-performing custom queries, analyze their data and build custom dashboards.Gmail-logos
  • Third-party email archiving: Google Vault helps you easily archive Gmail content while also complying with retention for legal holds and audit reporting. That said, some organizations use other third-party SMTP archiving solutions like HP Autonomy or Veritas. Today, Google is making it simple for you to integrate third-party archiving solutions of your choice with Gmail.

All of these features are part of our new G Suite Enterprise edition. While the features are designed to meet the demands of G Suite’s large customers, organizations of any size can take advantage of these critical controls, seamless integrations, and intelligent apps. See if G Suite Enterprise edition is right for you.

More Information

Data loss prevention (DLP) for Drive: Scan and protect Drive files using data loss prevention rules

Data loss prevention (DLP) for Gmail: Scan your email traffic using data loss prevention

Security Key enforcement: 2-step verification enforcement

Hosted S/MIME for Gmail: Enable hosted S/MIME for enhanced message security

Gmail logs + BigQuery integration: Enable email logs in BigQuery

Third-party archiving tools for Gmail: Integrate Gmail with a third-party archiving solution

Launch Details

Release track: All features available to G Suite customers on both Rapid and Scheduled release who upgrade to G Suite Enterprise edition. Note that G Suite for Education customers are not eligible to upgrade to G Suite Enterprise. G Suite for Education customers interested in these new features should complete this form.

Impact:Admins only

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