Moving Directory settings in the Admin console

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What’s changing 

We’re changing where you’d find the Directory settings in the G Suite Admin console from the apps screen to the Directory section of the main menu.

  • You can now find the setting at: Admin Console > Menu   > Directory > Directory Settings 
  • The setting was previously at: Admin Console > Apps > G Suite > Directory
Directory settings will now be in the Admin console’s main menu

Who’s impacted 

Admins only

Why you’d use it 

You can use Directory settings to control your organization’s global Directory and how your users can use Contacts. This includes what version of Google Contacts your users can use, how your users can edit their profiles in the global Directory, configuration of custom internal directories, and more.

How to get started 

Helpful links 


Rollout details 

G Suite editions 

  • Available to all G Suite editions

On/off by default? 

  • This feature will be ON by default.

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