LumApps integrates advanced video capabilities thanks to the acquisition of Novastream


Everyone knows the saying “a picture is worth a thousand words”. When it comes to sending information in business contexts, organisations are increasingly choosing the video format to communicate with their employees, customers and suppliers. Echoing this unstoppable trend, the company LumApps, creator of the social intranet of the same name, has just announced the acquisition of Novastream to enhance business communications with content and improve the features of its well-known employee experience platform.

LumApps, the company of the solution of the same name, a leader in collaborative intranet platforms and employee experience, has just announced the acquisition of Novastream, creator of cloud software that stores and manages B2B videos. The integration of the features of this latest tool to LumApps will help social intranet users to:

Manage and send corporate videos to employees, customers and partners in a secure way.

Measure the impact of their video contents accurately.

In this article, we include more in-depth information about the synergies and benefits that the joining of these two tools can provide organisations of all sizes and from all sectors.

Why incorporate videos into a social intranet like LumApps?

It is an undeniable fact that in recent years, with few exceptions, jobs are reaching a significant degree of digitalisation.

Employees have digital information available to them coming from multiple origins and in different formats, which they have to know how to manage and apply in their day-to-day professional lives so their organisations can increase their profits and they have satisfied customers.

The LumApps solution was created with this in mind, a collaborative social intranet which, since its launch onto the market, has evolved to offer the ideal work experience for new digital employees:

  • They can access corporate communications, key business information and various management tools from one point, from any device and at any time.
  • They 100% align with the corporate culture and strategy
  • They feel empowered and enjoy being part of a connected team

For its part, Novastream is a tool that helps employees to enjoy, in a 100% private and secure environment, the same experience with video content as using social networks and streaming platforms (for example, YouTube, Netflix or Amazon Prime Video).

This integration of Novastream in Lumapps responds to an increasingly visible trend since the start of the COVID-19 pandemic: the increase and evolution in the use of videos in companies of all sizes and sectors. Among others, it stands out as being an ideal format to improve the remote incorporation of new employees, promote dissemination of the corporate culture, develop digital communities or transmit live events to employees, customers, partners and third parties.

In addition, this combination of solutions enables Communication departments and HR departments (the main users of collaborative social intranet) and, by extension, the employees of organisations, to use the video conveniently and intuitively in their communications (both aimed at the organisation itself and customers, partners and suppliers). In other words, the promotion of this powerful visual format in LumApps helps to:

  • Increase the exchange of information
  • Improve communication at the heart of organisations
  • Optimise the employee experience
  • Consolidate employee engagement with the organisation
  • Increase the impact and acceptance of communications sent (according to experts, recipients retain 95% of a video message compared to 10% of text)

Here at Intelligence Partner we have a wealth of experience in projects and implementations of LumApps. Our consultants and technicians have a solid knowledge of this collaborative social intranet solution which now integrates video capabilities thanks to the acquisition of the French company, Novastream.

If you are considering taking a significant step forward in your company’s communications, both internal and external, it’s time to choose video format.

At Intelligence Partner, we are here to explain how to take advantage of the multiple benefits that video and LumApps can offer your organisation in terms of the reach of communications, aligning with employees and the company’s external image, among others. Moreover, you have the opportunity to combine this format with data coming from multiple origins: social networks, workspaces, apps from the company itself or productivity tools such as Google Workspace or Office 365.

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