LumApps and Google Workspace, your allies in improving the employee experience

Google Workspace, LumApps

The digital transformation represents a real revolution for organisations and their employees. New tools facilitate profound change in companies, creating new ways of communicating internally, sharing information and working together. One of the clearest examples is found in the optimisation of the employee experience, resulting in an accompanying increase in productivity and commitment to the company. And one of the best ways to achieve this is by combining two fundamental tools: the LumApps social intranet and the Google Workspace suite.

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The world of HR finds itself engaged in an unstoppable process of transformation, requiring it to adapt to an increasingly digitised world. An important change of orientation is taking place in organisational culture, which sees a move away from the classic focus on tasks, and toward an approach which is more focused on innovation and experimentation, as highlighted by the KPMG report: ‘The future of HR: In the Know or in the No‘.

This transformation is essential for building the organisations of the future, in which excellence is the common currency of human resource management. One of the fundamental supports of this transformation is technology, which helps those responsible to build a digital ecosystem based on:

  • Software for collaboration and communication
  • Human capital management solutions (HMS)
  • Data analysis software (Analytics)
  • Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning Tools

One of the main objectives of this transformation via digital tools is that of improving the Employee Experience, which has significant repercussions on talent retention, workforce engagement and worker productivity. The best way to go about this is by using two market leading solutions in combination: the LumApps social intranet, and the complete and advanced productivity and collaboration environment of Google Workspace.

In this post we intend to dwell a little on this last point.

A winning combination for HR teams: LumApps and Google Workspace

In this increasingly digital era, it is evidently necessary for companies to have a digital management ecosystem for any of their activities. Employees must be able to carry out their tasks to the utmost of their potential in 100% integrated digital workplaces.

Right from the start, in keeping with this philosophy, the company that develops the LumApps social intranet knew it needed to work closely with Google to integrate the Google Workspace productivity and collaboration apps used by most of its employees: Google Drive, Google Calendar, Google Meet, Gmail, Google Groups, Google Search…

LumApps and Google have devoted significant time and effort to this integration. This has led to LumApps being the only intranet solution recommended by Google Workspace (formerly G Suite) since 2016. LumApps was natively developed on Google Cloud and integrates the powerful search capabilities of Google Cloud Search, making it an easy decision for Google.

One of the main shared objectives over all these years was that of building a 100% integrated Employee Experience platform, so that user companies are able to respond quickly and accurately to the changing needs of their workforce.

As we see below, the integrations incorporated in the latest LumApps release are closely related to the Employee Experience:

1. Integration of LumApps with Google Chat

The latest LumApps integration makes it possible to share information from intranet community posts with Google Chat.

This increases the visibility of key information, while amplifying knowledge within the organisation and allowing employees to re-share it with just one click.

It is no longer necessary to cut and paste, and the duplication of content and associated errors are avoided.

2. Integration of LumApps with Google Docs

In its latest release, LumApps incorporates an add-on for Google Workspace that allows users to prepare internal communications in Google Docs in collaboration with other employees, in order to later publish the final document as an article or community post.

You can also see Likes and comments from the Google document, and even reply to them directly, resulting in an integrated experience. Other features of this add-on is that it respects the text format (font, size, indentation and links) and even maintains images with no loss of resolution.

This LumApps add-on for Google Workspace also allows you to attach different types of files to community posts on the social intranet. It is therefore possible to read and respond to LumApps comments from Google Slides, Docs or Sheets.

The publications or articles that employees or the company itself share on the intranet are enriched with information and data, guaranteeing a better reaction. Finally, quick response to comments helps keep the conversation going and ensure progress on joint projects.

Employee Experience, a key factor

As you have seen, offering excellence in the Employee Experience is one of the key factors in improving workforce engagement, retaining talent, optimising the service offered to customers and increasing an organisation’s productivity.

We have also shown that one of the best ways to achieve this is by integrating these two leading solutions.

Tell us about your organisation’s Employee Experience goals. Here at Intelligence Partner, we have in-depth know-how and proven experience of both tools. Together we will adapt them 100% so that they respond perfectly to your needs.

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