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We talked earlier of the key aspects when addressing a CRM project. On this occasion we shall look at more specific factors that must be taken into account when choosing a CRM tool with which complete this process, especially considering the features of SugarCRM, a flexible and user-focussed solution.

One of the most common mistakes is implementing a tool before designing a successful customer management strategy. To avoid this, we must first taking into account internal factors, starting with the size of the company, the industry, the budget allocated, the specific needs of the customer, sales or marketing departments and their skills; and, in addition to these internal factors, the technological aspects are also vital: the current technological environment, implementation model (SaaS, on premise) and other tools being used.

Once the company’s needs, targets and processes have been identified, it is time to draw up a list of essential requirements that the tool must include and, thus, assess the type of CRM we need. What factors must be taken into account from then on?

Features: Any decent CRM solution today must include basic functions and, therefore, although this is one of the main points when choosing a CRM solution, it will probably not be the defining aspect when selecting one tool or another, if we are dealing with top level products, such as SugarCRM.

However, there are functions that are specific to each tool that can be useful depending on our company’s needs. For example, the functionality of a social CRM tool may be decisive today for some companies and is, therefore, an aspect that should be assessed.

Integration: How flexible is the tool you are thinking of buying? Once the company’s needs and technological infrastructure have been assessed, we have to ensure they match the requirements of the tool we are assessing, regarding both the environment and other current solutions.

In this sense, although more and more companies tend to work via the cloud, some prefer to continue using on premise solutions. Whatever the implementation model, we should study the results a tool can provide very carefully. SugarCRM offers both possibilities.

Price: The quality/price ratio of the platform is simply another good reason to opt for one solution over another. Many tools are not clear about the final price and add additional costs.

SugarCRM, through the SugarPure Price™ system promotes a transparent pricing and service policy for each of its versions. This makes it possible to adapt the budget allocated without major complications.

Usability: Sales agents often come up against CRM systems that are not user-friendly”. This is changing and by choosing a tool that focusses on users, as in the case of SugarCRM, ensures you are adapting to the company’s current and future requirements.

Support: Getting the most out of your CRM solution depends largely on how familiar you are with the solution. Support requirements can be provided depending on the know-how of your personnel, ranging from an online help desk to telephone support. This is clearly another aspect that must be assessed regarding a supplier and you must be aware of its impact on the final price of the service. SugarCRM offers various options depending on the versions; you can consult them on our product sheet. (Add Link)

Once you have assessed everything, it is advisable to prepare a business case and present our needs to our technology partner in order to arrange, among other things, a demonstration of the product and even introductions to other customers that they can share their experience.

Intelligence Partner has a long track record in CRM projects and in the implementing these solutions. With the recent addition of SugarCRM to our portfolio of solutions, we now have another outstanding tool that can help your company improve its customer relationships, marketing results and even increase sales. Do not hesitate to contact us.

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