Intelligence Partner presents Task4Work, its Mobile Workforce Management solution



Intelligence Partner has presented Task4Work, its Mobile Workforce Management solution. The app is endorsed by clients such as ONO or Tinsa and enables efficient management of fieldworkers (maintenance technicians, valuation experts, appraisers, health assistance staff, area supervisors, sales agents and distributors and more), and of service provision.

The event was held at Google Spain’s Madrid offices and it brought together some 50 top-level companies from different sectors, represented by business areas (operations, traffic, technical support, DAS, etc.) and technologies.

The participants had the chance to watch a product demo and find out about aspects such as:

Changes that can be made to task and fieldworker management via the new technologies.

How Intelligence Partner’s client companies from different sectors (Telco, Real Estate) use Task4Work to handle this change.

What advantages this tool provides for the different sectors in which it can be used.

In the words of Ignacio Bañó, one of the Managing Partners of Intelligence Partner: Task4Work is built and resides in the Google Data Centers, and that makes it unique in several aspects: it can be scaled from just a few users to tens of thousands, for example, it is secure and it has 24/7 high availability and easy maintenance and administration. It’s also an open platform, so it’s very easy to integrate with the ERP systems and other company applications in real time, or to adapt its features to specific cases and requirements.”

Intelligence Partner is currently planning new hands-on events and webinars to present Task4Work in the near future. They will be announced on its website.

For further information on Task4Work: Click here


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