Intelligence Partner offers BES solutions for BlackBerries via Google Apps

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Madrid, January 12, 2012. – Intelligence Partner, the consultancy specializing in cloud computing solutions, has signed an agreement with Neonex, by which it will offer its BES service for companies using Google Apps that work with BlackBerry devices. As Blackberry users know, Google will discontinue its Gmail App for Blackberry mobile devices as well as the Google Sync application for Contacts and Calendars.

Intelligence Partner‘s offer will therefore become a very interesting alternative for companies that work with BlackBerry devices and do not have their own BES server.

Through the agreement with Neonex, a provider of proven experience, Intelligence Partner will provide the Spanish market with a solution that is already working effectively in a number of companies of sizes and in different sectors.

The main features of this solution are:

  • Synchronisation of company BlackBerry devices with Google Apps
  • Email sync in less than 60 seconds.
  • Synced reading, deleting and filing between Google Apps and BlackBerry devices
  • Global Address List synchronized from Google Apps to the device
  • Compatibility with e-mail labels/folders
  • Bi-directional synchronization of contacts and calendars
  • It support key BlackBerry Enterprise Server features, such as remote wipe and IT policy management
  • Compatibility in Google Apps configuration with multiple domains
  • Received/read acknowledgement function
  • Free/busy function to organise meetings

This service is offered in two versions: Cloud BES Shared Server and Cloud BES Dedicated Server (for a minimum of 25 users).

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