Intelligence Partner has launched Google Docs Domain Analyzer

Madrid, November 7, 2001. – Intelligence Partner, a Spanish consultancy firm specializing in cloud computing, has launched GDocs Domain Analyzer by Intelligence Partner, an application that provides statistical information on the use of Google Docs domains. Intelligence Partner’s IP Labs division has developed an application that will undoubtedly be very useful for Google Apps administrators. The solution is easy to install (locally executable) and easy to use and provides relevant information on the use, at user and domain level, of Google Docs in a company:

  • Number of documents in Google Docs format.
  • Number of documents with a format different to Google Docs.
  • Total number of documents.
  • Total number of MB uploaded to Google Docs.
  • Averages per user for all the above parameters.

Intelligence Partner offers GDocs Domain Analyzer by Intelligence Partner free of cost. To obtain the application, Click Here

Intelligence Partner is the first Spanish consultancy company that specialises in Cloud Computing technologies. Intelligence Partner provides solutions in the fields of Marketing, Sales, Customer Services, Human Resources, Recoveries, Real Estate Asset Sales, Messaging and Collaboration. Intelligence Partner has currently over 120 customers of different sizes from a number of sectors.

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