Inbox: a new view for Google mail

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Google InboxAs many regular Google Apps users already know, the company is noted for its permanent innovation. One of the latest examples of this is Google Inbox, a new tool designed to organise e-mail messages, in which Google has concentrated all its experience acquired with Gmail over the years.

In late 2014, through the Inbox Invite Programme, Google Apps for Work users were the first to try it out by enabling it in their administration consoles.

Contrary to what many people originally thought, Inbox does not replace Gmail; it is a separate product that can synchronize with Gmail and, therefore, the changes are saved in Inbox and vice versa, including e-mail drafts that we may be writing or the undo send for recently sent mails, as was confirmed a few days ago However, take into account that some functions are exclusive to Inbox, such as fixing e-mails or generating reminders.

What are the main differences?

Inbox is designed to ensure that users employ the shortest possible time looking for anything they may need in their mail apps. It is not surprising that Google is pursuing this avenue given the importance of the use of e-mail messages in daily life and the significance of the information contained in them (from travel documents, insurance or labour issues), and especially the number of e-mails that reach our inboxes each day.

These changes, designed to organise and prioritise our messages, replace the labelling system used in Gmail, and are more intuitive, faster and more straightforward.

1.- Groups: This allows you to group your email messages based on topics or interests, so that any related message will be much easier to locate.

2.- Priority: Another of the goals of Inbox is to identify what you consider most important in your mail at a single glance.

3.- Reminders: Create them and arrange them so that appear when the need arises. Our e-mail also becomes our agenda.

Inbox: How businesses can use it

  • Once installed, Inbox can be used by the members of the organisation that install it.
  • Once you have enabled Inbox by Gmail in the organisation, either for all users or just for an organisational unit, you cannot disable it; although you can return to the current Gmail version and either use the latter or Inbox as you prefer.
  • Finally, you should remember that Inbox is not available in Google Apps for Education or in Google Government.
  • Smartphones and tablets: In order to use it from a browser, you have to download the Inbox App (Android, iPhone and iPad).

Inbox & Google Vault

Gmail and Inbox have certain features that they do not share. Therefore, Google recommends Google Vault users to “carefully assess how the current rules of the domain with Inbox work before enabling this application for all users”.

Intelligence Partner will continue to keep you informed on all the news regarding this new Google Apps tool. If you are interested in working with this solution in your company, as a Google Apps Premier Partner, we can advise you and help you to implement it. Contact us.

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