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Big Data

Companies today have more information on their customers than ever before, but this information is not always being used or exploited correctly.


Customers are permanently connected to the Internet, and eCommerce sales channels are increasing in prominence every day. People use the Internet to search for information on products that interest them, compare certain products with others, find the best place to buy them, participate in forums to express their opinion about products, share brand publications, state that they like certain products and services on social networks… All of this information is there, and companies can use it to approach their marketing actions in a more effective manner.

It is not wishful thinking to believe that clients can be identified when they walk into a store and that, by means of a mobile application, shop assistants can receive information on the products that interest them or that they have searched for on the Internet, the latest items they have bought in the past or how long it is since they visited the store. This information would allow shop assistants to treat each person in a customised manner and even, why not, suggest special offers that adapt to customers’ needs.


More and more companies are interested in Big Data Marketing, which focuses on making the most of the information available on consumers on the Internet with a view to conducting more effective marketing actions.

This trend is an evolution of Mass Marketing, which consisted in sending the same message to many people even if only a small percentage was really interested in it.


In this new scenario, marketing actions are much more focused on customers’ interests. They do not suggest a discount on a wheel change if the customer does not have a car, but they do offer a discount on accessories for the sports camera he bought a few weeks ago. Thus, marketing actions are much more specific and are more likely to be successful. Customers receive what they want and what is relevant to them.

The information is there, it only needs to be compiled and used. Many tools can display these data and facilitate decision making.

Tableau is a clear example of this. It enables you to connect to many data sources, such as Google Analytics, but also to social networks like Facebook and Twitter.

In very few steps, Tableau allows you to connect to these data and see what your customers are talking about, the products that are proving to be most interesting, sought after, that cause incidents…

Intelligence Partner, as an official Tableau partner in Spain, can help introduce your marketing department to the Big Data Marketing revolution. Do not hesitate to contact us for more information.


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