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Providing the appropriate technology to make teleworking possible not only has an impact on this way of working but also on the quality and productivity that can be achieved.

The trend toward teleworking is unstoppable, and it is a highly favourable option for businesses and for employees. For the latter, it improves their work-life balance. On the other hand, the company will benefit from increased productivity by avoiding unnecessary travel time, reducing absenteeism, and even by reducing the size of their own office space, if possible.

The incidence of teleworking varies considerably between the 2 % and 40 % of workers, depending on the country, the profession, the sector, and the frequency with which employees use this way of working. That is the conclusion of the latest report “Working anytime, anywhere: the effects on the world of work” by the International Labour Organization, prepared in collaboration with Eurofound and published in mid-February. The document discusses how the use of modern communication technologies facilitates the balance between work and private life.

Today, work is an activity that is mainly based on knowledge, on information we skilfully manage and develop. And this information is increasingly present on-line, whether in the public, private or hybrid cloud. This allows us to become remote workers.

In many situations, all we need is access to the Internet and a simple device, such as a tablet, or even a phone, to enable us to work anytime and anywhere.

Unfortunately, Spain, with only 6.7% of teleworkers is far below the European Union average (17%), and what is worse, only 13% of companies offer their workers this possibility. There are three large categories within teleworking: those who only telework, those who do so regularly, and those who only do it occasionally.  Regardless of each company’s policy, it is clear that organisations must be prepared to be able to provide this capability.

Success Stories

This is something we do normally at Intelligence Partner, and we rely on G Suite,… Our email is in the cloud through Gmail, we have meetings (whether we are in the office or at home) using Hangouts, which enables us to hold video conferences or share our desktops with colleagues, partners and customers. We organise and coordinate our schedules in real time using Calendar, and arrange to meet whoever we need to see (within and outside the company).

We use Drive to save documents, which allows us to have them at our fingertips at any time and on any device. We share them among ourselves so that we all have the latest versions, and we often collaborate in real-time by editing them together with other people, regardless of whether they are Google Docs, Google Slides or Google Sheets… Access to all these services is achieved by means of a single key, with total control regarding the security of the information we are handling.

Our customers take advantage of our experience and in-depth knowledge of Google technologies to implement them in their organisations. This is our privilege as a Google Cloud Premier Partner.

To illustrate this with some examples, GES Seguros, with 800 users, of which 600 are agents on the move, adopted this system in 2012 thanks to their technological strategy based on cloud environments. The Intercom group migrated its 400 users and especially valued the capacity for collaboration and mobility in addition to a really competitive price when compared with other alternatives.

The hotel chain H10 Hoteles trusted in us to enhance the collaboration among 1,300 users across the globe, improving their commitment to customer service. Grupo Vichy Catalan has used it as a key tool to integrate the various group brands. And these are just a few examples of a very long list.

Now that the cloud is a reality for many companies, taking the step towards teleworking does not require a great technological leap. Improving productivity and employee satisfaction is within your grasp. If your organisation is considering this option, we are at your disposal to advise you, train your staff to make the most of the system, and plan the implementation of G Suite, which includes the best tools for this purpose.

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