How to improve customer service by empowering employees

Field Service Management

In order to improve customer service of a Field Service company, there is nothing better than equipping your technicians and employees with precise resources and information in order to offer customers quick and efficient service of the best quality possible. Not only this, but also to achieve the customers’ satisfaction and their loyalty, which is more than profitable for the company. What more can you ask for?

How to improve customer service

In companies dedicated to offering field services, there is an actor of fundamental importance: the technician. He is the company’s most direct contact with its customer, and to him falls the responsibility of offering a service with the highest degree of professionalism and quality that satisfies the customer. And it is this customer satisfaction that is making 72% of the companies invest in improvements designed to increase service quality, according to a survey of Field Technologies Online.

In order to reach the highest level in this aim, the technician contributes his experience and knowledge, while the company for which he works equips him with a powerful ally: access to field service management software from his mobile device.

It is this management solution that truly empowers technicians in order to offer maximum quality to the customer, since they have at their disposal a detailed knowledge database.

Thanks to this, the service chain is improved, since they can:

  • Consult and manage all the data necessary for the intervention from a mobile device: from service reports to the sales or billing of a customer.
  • Find a quick and efficient answer to the obstacles that might arise during the intervention.
  • Act in a proactive manner in view of possible future situations.
  • Increase productivity and performance.
  • Offer confidence to customers, the basis of their loyalty.
  • Increase customers’ satisfaction thanks to a friendly, personalized and efficient service.

Some studies reinforce these statements. According to the Gartner Magic Quadrant for Field Service Management, the companies dedicated to offering field services that analyse the ROI of their FSM software have detected that the following factors contribute to this return on investment:

  • Better utilization of the technician and the dispatcher (63%)
  • Increase in customer satisfaction (53%)
  • Increase in the SLA (48%)
  • Detailed monitoring of costs (48%)

Task4Work, the FSM solution that helps you improve customer service

At Task4Work we know of the importance that empowering the technicians has in improving the quality of customer service. For this reason we offer Field Service companies our Task4Work management solution.

It covers the entire lifecycle of a service, optimizing the daily work of the mobilized technicians: it offers them all the information they need at any time regarding the intervention and it allows them to reach the intervention site quickly, with all the necessary material and spare parts. 

In this way, customers receive a service of the highest quality and degree of professionalism, which satisfies them and generates confidence to continue with the Field Service company. The empowered technician improves his performance and productivity. Lastly, the Field Service company increases its profitability.

Do you want to discover how to empower your technicians with Task4Work? Contact us and tell us your case. From Task4Work we will offer you an answer adapted to your needs, highlighting the benefits that the solution can provide for you.

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