This is how Google Workspace protects your corporate data

Google Workspace

The digitalisation of companies and their move to cloud environments has turned the security of business information into a crucial issue. Data on any of their solutions (from office applications to business management applications) must, therefore, be managed and filed applying high levels of security and protection/privacy. Google stands out for being one of the manufacturers of business software which has placed the greatest emphasis on these aspects in solutions such as the Google Workspace suite of products (formerly known as G Suite).

Protección de datos Google Workspace

The digital transformation of organisations has led to the transfer of business information onto the cloud (an example is the information generated by the Google Workspace suite, which is managed on Google’s cloud servers and forms part of its world network of data centers).

In traditional client/server environments, companies were responsible at all times for the security of their information, given that they controlled the hardware as well as the servers the information was stored on.

Today’s cloud environments mean that companies leave these responsibilities in the hands of the cloud service providers. Companies that make the move to the Cloud control their data through dashboards and specific applications that they can use on any type of device (from desktop computers and laptops to smartphones or tablets). And those that are about to make the move must be demanding in terms of the security controls, legal compliance and privacy of their information when choosing their new solutions and their new cloud services providers.

3 ways to guarantee the maximum security and privacy of data with Google Workspace

We have stressed the importance of the data that business users handle in their day-to-day work, and organisations are fully aware of its value. Its security and protection are fundamental aspects in choosing a new suite of products on the cloud such as Google Workspace, the manufacturer of which has put all of its efforts into developing technology that guarantees the highest levels in both areas.

This technology has also enabled organisations to reduce information repositories and make the most of artificial intelligence to optimise the productivity and efficiency of their work teams.

Ultimately, Google Workspace is characterised for offering its users:

1. Improved security

Google stands out for being one of the most aware software creators in terms of the issue of data security and protection, and its Google Workspace suite is one of the best examples.

In its development, it undergoes numerous external security audits and meets the market’s most stringent security standards, regardless of the environment it is used in (on a browser or on a mobile device).

Along with these characteristics, it enables administrators to control the detail of the critical data of the business. Moreover, it offers complete data protection reporting so that organisations can adjust their data security strategies. This way, they avoid data losses for different reasons (cyber attacks and other threats), and the make decisions based on 100% reliable information.

2. Maximum privacy in the management of data

Did you know that Google Workspace is the first productivity solution on the market certified in accordance with the ISO/IEC 27701 standard in the processing of data? This standard enables companies that operate in different international markets to adjust to the different privacy laws and regulations without any problems, also complying with the GDPR.

Thanks to this certification and other similar ones (ISO 27018 and SOC 2/3, for example), Google Workspace offers advanced privacy controls, as well as much more dynamic security auditing processes and a clear transparency in terms of the management of roles and responsibilities in managing privacy.

3. Cloud Identity functionalities

Cloud Identity is an Identity as a Service (IDaaS) and terminal management (EMM) product which helps to increase the productivity of the end user, protect the business data and perform the transition to a virtual workspace.

In Google Workspace Google offers identity services and management of terminals as a separate product. To facilitate the work of administrators, they can supervise users, applications and devices from a central location: Google’s admin console.

Thanks to Cloud Identity, companies have the possibility of:

  • Protecting themselves thanks to Google’s threat intelligence signals and the BeyondCorp security model
  • Controlling accessibility to SaaS applications
  • Applying Multi-factor authentication (MFA) to protect user accounts
  • Managing terminals and testing threats with Security Center

Protect the critical information of your business

At Intelligence Partner, as a Google Cloud Premier Partner, we 100% share Google’s vision regarding the security and protection of the data that companies manage. For this reason, we fully align our clients’ projects based on the Google Workspace suite with the recommendations of this manufacturer.

If you want to protect the information generated by your business in your day-to-day activity, you just need to contact us.

We will listen carefully to your situation and, based on our wealth of experience and our updated knowledge, we will show you which strategy you should follow and how a solution based onGoogle Workspace 100% adapted to your characteristics and requirements guarantees you the maximum security of your information.

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