How can I use Tableau to transform my organisation?

Business Intelligence

When a business or IT supervisor learns about Tableau, the same question is often asked: Tableau is the appropriate analysis tool for my organisation but, how can I ensure that it is used throughout my organisation?

The truth is that Tableau, which has recently announced, for the fifth year in a row, its leading position in the Gartner Magic Quadrant, really is a tool that can help transform your organisation and improve its capacity for decision-making exponentially.

It is true that each professional profile appreciates the advantages of Tableau from different points of view: some, from the perspective of its user-friendliness and of obtaining all the value from the data and others focus on the ease with which that information is obtained.

For us, these are two excellent reasons why we consider Tableau as the best tool to bring the benefits of Business Intelligence to businesses because it really is an atypical case in the world of BI.

Unlike other tools, it achieves something that is quite unusual: it often transforms boring analytical processes into an experience which we could describe as pleasant. It is a pleasure to see, after the first few training sessions with our clients, how they gain autonomy in their analytical experience and are able to make the most of the business data with astonishing ease. All of this is possible because it is a powerful, visual, fast, and user-friendly solution. It even provides them with perspectives and capabilities they had never realised before thanks to the number of conclusions that can be obtained.

However, there is always a challenge: create simple tools that are useful for others. How to enhance the implementation of Tableau and extend its benefits like wildfire throughout an organisation?

The solution is to spread an analysis-based culture… How? Fortunately, Tableau has a methodology called Tableau Drive designed to broaden self-service analyses, and it is based precisely on the best practices used by actual organisations. This is precisely the promise made by Tableau Drive: that a better analysis system can lead to a fundamental change in the culture of an organisation.

In fact, Tableau Drive, in its essence, is an exercise in change management. It is based on a clear commitment to the use of a flexible methodology based on the iterative implementation of the application within the organisation, which does away with the traditional “cascade” projects that are often slow and tedious.

This new vision consists in adapting Tableau to the immediate needs of the end-users. To achieve this, we start with one or more initial prototypes on which the end-users themselves (individually or in groups) adapt the tool to their analytical requirements, creating their own reports or modifying existing ones. This process will be carried out autonomously, without the involvement of the IT department in this process. The ultimate goal of this method is to ensure the satisfaction of the entire team, thus ensuring a high implementation rate of Tableau.

Although this methodology is free and, therefore, can be applied autonomously, it never hurts to have the assistance of an expert to smooth out the implementation process as much as possible…

Intelligence Partner offers these consultancy services based on its extensive experience in implementing Business Intelligence solutions. Whether you are already a Tableau user who wants to move forward at a good cruising speed in implementing the solution, or you are prepared to try Tableau so that it can become an element of change in the decision-making system within your company, we will be happy to contribute to the success of these initiatives.

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