Grupo Intercom is already enjoying all the benefits of Google Apps

Madrid, February 9, 2012. – On occasion of the first anniversary of the launch of the Google Apps implementation project, Grupo Intercom’s assessment of its experience with this solution is highly positive.

Grupo Intercom has developed more than 50 businesses on the Internet since 1995. Its success stories include, or Its businesses attract 130 million individual users and over 850 million pages are viewed each month, according to OJD.

For several consecutive years, Grupo Intercom has been among the top ranking companies regarding work experience in Spain in the 250 to 500 employee category, according to the Great Place to Work institute. Grupo Intercom migrated 400 e-mail users to Google Apps, with the help of Intelligence Partner, a consultancy company specializing in cloud computing technology.

“Our type of business, our philosophy and the geographic distribution of our staff was a relevant issue regarding the ideal solution when we considered changing. Among the tools analysed, Google Apps offered the best response regarding collaboration and mobility and a very advantageous price. Giving our employees access anytime, anywhere and from any mobile device to email, calendars, documents, …. and enabling them to share that information among themselves, was important. An especially important aspect, in the case of our managers, is that they no longer have to worry about where they are going to be or what device they will have to use to access key information they may need at a given time. Their agendas are now organised quickly and efficiently by themselves or by their assistants and collaborators without unnecessary delays, free from the problem of checking current availability, sharing relevant information for meetings online… Voice and video chat has also become a key tool in the daily lives of company employees”, says Raul Figueras, Head of the IT Department at Grupo Intercom.

Grupo Intercom also values the elimination of its mail technology infrastructure very highly. Now, they enjoy a much wider functionality and have reduced both infrastructure and maintenance costs. “Not to mention space management issues, which used to be a problem and that, now, given the size Google’s mailboxes (25 GB) we can forget about”, said Raul.

“Every day, more and more companies rely on Google Apps and reassert the decision they made to adopt this solution. As a company specializing in cloud computing solutions and witnessing the satisfaction of our customers, we can only thank you for your trust, and invite those companies that have not yet raised this issue of changing to consult us to obtain information on the experience of companies already using Google Apps,” says Ignacio Bañó, managing partner of Intelligence Partner.

Intelligence Partner is the first Spanish consultancy company that specialises in Cloud Computing technologies. Intelligence Partner provides solutions in the fields of Marketing, Sales, Customer Services, Human Resources, Recoveries, Real Estate Asset Sales, Messaging and Collaboration. Intelligence Partner has currently over 120 customers of different sizes from a number of sectors.


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