Google is offering free credits for Google Maps Platform to combat Coronavirus

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Coronavirus or COVID-19 has led the world population into a situation that was unimaginable a few years ago. Now more than ever we need to be united and get the best out of ourselves. With this community spirit, Google has just done its bit to help, it is offering free credits for Google Maps Platform so that apps and websites can be developed to help the population stay informed and to prevent the spread. In this post, we explain the features and conditions of this solidarity action.


Scientists and developers are applying the technology to provide effective solutions to COVID-19 quickly. Some examples:

  • 3D printing to create ventilators and masks
  • Geopositioning and geolocation to control the presence of the virus
  • Business intelligence to analyse the information
  • Etc.

These non-profit solutions are contributing to investing and reducing the rates of transmission, as well as to increase the recovery percentages.

Google Maps Platform free in the face of Coronavirus: features and conditions

In the framework in the fight against COVID-19, Google Maps Platform is an environment that is contributing to controlling the presence of the virus and to preventing its spread.

In line with this objective, Google has decided to offer free credits for Google Maps Platform so that developers can create apps and websites that will help to fight the pandemic by offering information and preventing transmission.

With regards to the virus, Google Maps Platform can be used in these multi-system tools (Android, iOS, Windows, etc.) to obtain results such as:

  • Displaying and customising maps
  • Displaying information on a map: markers, heat maps, viewing large volumes of data, etc.
  • Place searches: autocomplete of places
  • Searching movements between various points
  • Localisation : geocodification, time zone, geopositioning, etc.

To encourage the use of Google Map Platform in these tools against Coronavirus, Google has made two important decisions:

  • To streamline requests for GMP crisis response credits
  • To create a library of best practice for the API and SDK used for crisis response

Below, we offer you a brief summary of the credits, the profile of applicants and other details of interest.

What do you need first in order to request credits?

To have a Google Cloud Platform account with a valid billing account. If you do not have one, check how to request it/activate it here.

What do GMP credits consist of?

Google Maps Platform issues credits for a specified amount of dollars that are automatically applied to your billing account at the end of the month against the cost of your use of any API or SDK from Google Maps Platform this month.

Who can request GMP credits?

Any non-profit developer who offers a public website or app related to coronavirus. Google explains in detail about requirements for non-profit organisations.

In order to guarantee the quality of the information, you will only be able to choose the tools offered by appropriate services or that disseminate information from official sources (for example, Ministry of Health and/or its specific bodies for the pandemic, the World Health Organisation, regional Health services, etc.).

What resources from Google Maps Platform are available?

Google Maps Platform makes all of its resources available to developers of tools about coronavirus:

  • All types of API
  • SDK (Software Development Kits)
  • Technical and functional support (through the Support tab on the Google Maps Platform console.
  • Assistance in implementation (codelabs and video guides)
  • Online resources (documentation, videos etc.) for self-training on Google Maps Platform
  • Development forum about GMP on Stack Overflow

Google’s commitment to crisis situations and cases of social interest

Google’s response to coronavirus with Google Maps Platform aligns with the philanthropic mission of Google. And since its beginnings, the company has demonstrated its involvement in cases of social interest or in the face of other crisis situations that have affected territories, groups and companies.

This experience has helped to create what Google has called public programmes, aimed especially at:

  • Non-profit organisations (NGO)
  • Entrepreneurs
  • Responses to crisis situations
  • Media companies

These programmes, particularly those aimed at crisis situations, include measures such as the following:

  • Secondment of specialised staff (developers, engineers, communications experts, data scientists, etc.) and volunteers
  • Subsidising non-profit organisations for the recovery of territories and groups affected by humanitarian crises
  • Collaboration and donations to research entities and bodies for the fight against epidemics (for example, with MSF in the fight against Ebola, with UNICEF against ZIKA or with the WHO against coronavirus)
  • Reinforcement of specific functionalities in its tools (for example, detailed searches about coronavirus on Google Search)
  • Free environments and tools for non-profit objectives
  • Development of informative websites (for example, about COVID-19)

As a certified Premier Partner of Google, at Intelligence Partner we 100% share the important decision of the technology giant regarding the free nature of GMP services, as well as its charitable commitment. We also want to collaborate by helping you at no cost if you want to develop an app or website related to coronavirus and you need Google Maps Platform for your tool.

We would be more than happy to answer any of your queries about this topic. With the effort and collaboration of all parties, we will increase the effectiveness of the tools and their positive impact on society.

We are stronger together! We will stop this virus together!

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