Google Apps makes the work of IT departments easier

Google Workspace

CapturaRecent studies on trends and CIO challenges in 2015 coincide in that the heads of departments will increasingly tend to focus on business and less on technology. In fact, the report, “Tech Trends 2015. The fusion of business and IT”, prepared by Deloitte, says that, despite their traditional tasks regarding the implementation of IT, Chief Information Officers play an important role in business decision-making and tend to gain in prominence in management bodies.

Google Apps makes this transformation easier with a long list of solutions for the management of IT departments that enable the heads and the members of these departments to avoid problems after the implementation of the solution and free themselves from certain tasks, gaining in time and resources to focus on other business issues and needs.

  • Security and controlare key aspects for Google Apps. With one of the most robust distributed data networks in the world that is protected 24 hours a day, data security is guaranteed. It seamlessly integrates with each company’s security measures and respects existing requirements; therefore, it is possible to implement current IT policies, enable two-step verification, compel all users to use HTTPS encryption…
  • Mobility. Mobility is not a problem for IT departments. You can work from any device and files will be automatically saved in the cloud without loss. Administrators can manage all the permissions and even assign administrator roles to one or multiple users without putting data security at risk and in a user-friendly and intuitive manner.
  • Scalability. The flexibility of Google Apps is one of its greatest advantages and one of the most popular for IT managers, as large investments in infrastructure are not required when the department grows and further resources are required.
  • Innovation. Another important challenge for CIOs is that they are increasingly responsible for encouraging innovation within the group. Google Apps enables you to do it easily because working in the cloud means that you can always have the latest versions, features and enhancements, without requiring additional administrative tasks.
  • A 99% operational assurance speaks for itself and guarantees the correct operation and performance of employee duties, with the resulting benefits for a company’s IT department.
  • Training. The need for reduced training requirements also avoids implementation and operational issues which, in turn, saves IT departments time when implementing the solution.

In short, Google cloud takes IT departments from a traditional model based on local infrastructure to an innovative cloud computing model that frees IT professionals from tasks and concerns, allowing them to focus on business and strategy decisions, which are where trends are pointing and what the market demands.

You can get in touch with Intelligence Partner, Premier Partner of Google for Work in Spain, and request more information about the assessment and implementation of this solution. We shall help you with the installation, support, administration and training regarding Google Apps.


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