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We Trucos y fucionalidades de Google Appsat Intelligence Partner have spoken to you about some of the main features offered by Google Apps, such as Google Calendar and Gmail. This array of collaboration tools and communication tools for companies offers numerous features and some of them are still a mystery to users, even regular users.

Google has always been known for the intuitive nature and usability of its products, which are all, without exception, innovative. By putting itself in the user’s position, it meets their needs and resolves problems while considering the user experience at all times. Today, we are going to see some tools and features of Google Apps that make things even easier for us:

Tricks for Gmail

  • Separating conversation messages. Gmail groups messages from the same conversation in the same place, which we refer to as an “email thread”. However, this option can always be deactivated in the conversation view menu if you prefer.
  • Priority emails. You can assign priority to specific senders, subjects and keywords. These messages will appear at the top of your inbox to make sure none of them escape your attention among the many emails you receive during the course of the day.
  • Search emails by key word. The powerful Gmail search tool allows you to not only search your email by date or sender but also by keyword. Hence, if you are looking for an email related to a specific topic, the search results will show all those emails that contain the specified term, those that include it in the subject, those from a user with a specified term…
  • Nice and tidy with nested labels. If you used to organise your email into folders for different categories with your previous tool, you can carry on doing the same with Google labels – even various labels per message for making more subdivisions and keeping everything nice and tidy. Labels can be dragged and dropped.

Tricks for Google Docs and Google Drive

  • Powerful links: Google suggests links that could enhance your text without you needing to find them yourself. You just need to highlight the text and press Control+K. A possible link for insertion will be suggested automatically.
  • Google Docs has a research tool, an option that enables you to add your sources into a report, presentation or any other document. In short, it allows you to perform web searches without ever leaving the document you are working on.  To access this tool, just click on Tools > Search. It makes it possible to search for information, images, articles, quotes, dictionaries, etc.
  • Search in Docs and Gmail at the same time. Under the “Labs” tab of your account settings, you can activate the “Search in Google Apps” option so that, whenever you use the Gmail search tool, results are also shown from Google Docs immediately below the email results.
  • Creating forms. Besides creating documents, folders, spreadsheets, presentations, etc., Google Drive enables you to create forms. This option will allow you to consult your team easily and quickly. You can choose the type of question (multiple choice, with text, scale, etc.) and then view and share the results.
  • Share your document on social media networks. Do you want to share a document created with Google Drive on the corporate social networks or on your own profile? This can be done via the “Advanced” option when sharing the document.

Google is constantly researching new features. If you would like to test experimental features, you can activate the “Gmail Labs” option and try out new resources. If you would like to know more about Google Apps and use it at your company, we at Intelligence Partner (the premier Google Apps partner in Spain) can help you.

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