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… and holding on to it, of course. G Suite can help you recruit and hire staff; thus, facilitating the daily tasks of the HR department.

A little more than two months ago, Google changed the name of some of its business services, including Google Apps for Work. Focusing on the idea that people can work and innovate from any device, anywhere, moving faster and further, Google Apps for Work has been renamed G Suite.

Building on this momentum, we wanted to dedicate a few lines to review how G Suite can help the HR department of an organisation, regardless of its size or field of expertise. In a previous post, we mentioned a success story involving the Dutch company Randstat, which adopted Google services with magnificent results to unify and maximise the efficiency when using personal productivity and collaborative tools.

One aspect that we failed to address was that Google services can provide greater presence (and why not, efficiency) at job fairs. How? Providing the people who are representing us on site with support via Hangouts, Chromebooks and Chromeboxes. Consequently, the right people for each process can take part; avoiding unnecessary travel. Thanks to Chromeboxes, we can arrange meeting rooms for up to eight members with high definition images, auto focus, and noise reduction. The rate of acceptance of offers will improve because the right person will have participated in the process.

During the hiring phase, you can perform remote videoconference interviews via Hangouts or use the various collaborative formats provided by Google Docs, no matter where the parties involved are located. You can provide them with questionnaires and surveys through Google Forms, collect the replies automatically and in real time on Google Sheets. All this is extremely easy and, of course, integrated.

Google Sheets can also help you to perform in-house candidate interview follow-ups, and monitor and inform all those involved in the process in each stage, either during the prospecting process or the subsequent hiring process.

Having reached this point, you can prepare a welcome kit for a new member of staff, consisting of documentation relating to the position that he/she will have, training tips recorded on video (the inevitable lesson on data processing to meet data protection requirements), or reference material. New staff members will also be grateful to meet all their department colleagues because their physical location will no longer matter: whether they are in the office or at a remote branch. Hangouts will be the perfect ally of the master of ceremonies.

These training programmes will reside in Google Drive, the latest versions will always be available and all stakeholders (instructors) will be able to participate in their design and improvement. Thanks to this you can avoid unnecessary emails with attachments because everyone will see their peers’ comments and input in real time.

The same forms we mentioned above can be used later to get a feel of the organisation itself. You can get to know people’s views, launch continuous improvement processes, etc.

And, more importantly, two details: each person will have a single sign-in (single credentials) to access all the services assigned to them, and an important security layer that will allow you to use both shared and restricted documents (there is always confidential information in HR departments that must be protected).  

All these ideas and much more may arise if you consult an experienced professional provider of Google solutions, such as Intelligence Partner. In fact, we have a Transformation Labs service where we not only come up with ideas to improve HR Departments but all the departments in a company. If reading about these ideas has encouraged you to use G Suite in your organisation, whether for HR or another department, you can count on use to provide guidance with no obligation.

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