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Movilidad Google Apps In recent years, mobility has become one of the main challenges for companies and their IT departments. The concepts of Software as a Service and cloud computing have changed how professionals work and have adapted to their needs. Is your company ready for geographic mobility? By implementing Google Apps for Work, it could be.

Google Apps knows a great deal about mobility because it was created to offer an entirely, mobile, secure and reliable working experience. But, what specific mobility options does Google Apps offer? Let’s imagine a day out of the office, a trip to meet with a customer or supplier, a trip to attend a conference or give a presentation.

  • You could access all your applications from any computer, tablet or mobile with an Internet connection.
  • This allows you to amend any shared document you are working on and have the latest version of it from your team if you are travelling to give a presentation, for example.
  • You can even consult and show  any document or report from your company to the person you have met with; they accompany you wherever you go on Google Drive.
  • Lost your connection? No problem; you can amend anything you need to in Gmail, Calendar and Google Docs – the changes will be saved as soon as you get your connection back.
  • Your meeting schedule in Google Calendar will give you access via the link to the address where your meeting will take place. Google Maps will take you to your destination.
  • What do I do if I lose my device? IT can delete the information from your device remotely if you are unfortunate enough to lose your mobile, tablet or laptop, thereby keeping your data secure. Remember that Google is the sector leader in terms of reliable cloud-based infrastructure.

Companies that have committed to mobility with Google Apps

As you can see, Google Apps can take your office with you wherever you go. Your company might only have occasional or periodical mobility requirements but it is also possible that geographic mobility is a constant requirement among your employees. For them, this becomes an essential feature – as it was for these organisations when they started working with Google Apps:

  • National Geographic. Reporters and photographers are constantly travelling around the world and they need a mobile platform on which to share their work instantly; one that even includes collaborative possibilities and the guarantee of not losing their material in the event of problems with their laptops.
  • ANA (All Nipon Airways). If there is one sector that knows about mobility, it is the aviation industry.  Since 2013, the Japanese airline has trusted in Google Apps to connect its employees in all four corners of the world, thereby making collaboration and communication across distances spanning thousands of kilometres a genuine possibility.
  • In 2013, the real estate group Gibson Sotheby’s International Realty in Boston had 200 independent agents who were constantly travelling from one place to another. They needed a tool that would allow them to collaborate and communicate more quickly and securely from their mobile devices and computers in many different places.

With Google Apps, you can take your office with you wherever you go and have a complete set of applications that you use every day. If mobility is one of your priorities, you have yet another reason to implement Google Apps at your company. At Intelligence Partner, the premier Google Apps partner in Spain, we can help you with everything related to assessing your needs, adopting a solution, technical support, training and administration of Google Apps.

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