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A business withoutExperiencia de cliente customers is nothing. Therefore, one of the main challenges facing companies is changing a model that focusses on providing an optimal product (which is no longer enough) for a customer-focussed model, which leads to greater customer loyalty and to new customers. Focussing the business on customer experiences is clearly a competitive advantage that can be achieved by taking into account a number of aspects. A tool like SugarCRM has much to contribute to this model.

The only way to focus on customers is to know how they perceive their dealings with our company. It is essential to know these data regarding any point of the so-called customer journey map.  However, this is not enough; we have to make the most of that information, interpret it to act in a way that will have an impact on the company’s results.  

1.- Customer focus from the marketing stage. A marketing plan designed from the perspective of customers will help you convey your message and gain new consumers who will be loyal to your product or service. If you want to see things from their point of view, you will need a clear ideal of their needs and concerns. SugarCRM automates marketing and strengthens communication between sales and marketing departments to enable them to know what actions are more successful.

2.- Customer focus from operations. Businesses must work keeping their customers in mind. It is not enough to convey the message that they need to hear; their expectations on acquiring the product or service must be met. Therefore, the sales and customer departments also benefit from SugarCRM information to enhance customer experience.

3.- Measuring customers’ experiences and reporting data regarding every aspect of a contact enables us to know what we are doing wrong, what we can improve, what aspects lead to a cooling of the relationship and what we can do to avoid that.  Loyalty will result in further sales and probably in new customers through recommendations. SugarCRM’s multi-channel system helps measure customers’ experiences from every point of view.

4.- Defining company targets. Measuring results will enable us to establish the company’s goals regarding short, medium and long-term customer experiences.

5. – Real-time information. Customers expect an immediate response from the company, instant service that provides information or solves their queries and issues.  This can only be offered if we also obtain instant data. Real time functions are very important requirements for a tool, and SugarCRM provide just that.

6.- When workers have closer relations with customers, customers have closer relations with your company. SugarCRM brings individuals together, promoting customer empathy and enabling us to identify their needs. The i2i concept perfectly sums up the philosophy behind this tool.

7.- Contribute added value to customers. Basing the company’s differentiation factor only on price is not the safest strategy in the long-term. However, behaving as customers want will achieve this purpose. Thinking about the experience involved in using the product or service, and not about the product itself, can help a positive feature and this requires a top CRM tool like Sugar’s.

Our long-term strategy must never lose sight of one idea: never analyse and act only based on the interests of the company, do so from the viewpoint of customers and their interests. This will result in positive outcomes for the organisation in the long run.

SugarCRM is one of the CRM solutions that Intelligence Partner can contribute to your company. If you would like to know more about it, please consult us about implementing this solution in your company.

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