Five complementary solutions that add value to G Suite

Google Workspace

At Intelligence Partner we are convinced of the benefits that G Suite provides to any type of organisation, regardless of its size. But if you do not have sufficient arguments with what they already offer from “inside”, look how it can improve even more with third-party services.

G Suite is much more than the applications and tools that Google puts in the hands of our companies in order to increase individual productivity and collaboration of work teams.

We bring in this post a brief collection of five solutions that are supported in G Suite, and each one of them resolves a specific task that without doubt enriches the work environment of the organisations that trust the Google applications for working with their information from any device and place: security, compliance, workflow, migration, productivity, … Let’s begin:

  1. Smartsheetsmartsheet-630x398

Smartsheet is a powerful Software as a Service (SaaS) application for work management and process automation. You can view projects or monitor the phases of a process in interactive Gantt c, assign tasks, program alerts, begin conversations or add files. No other tool provides the same level of collaboration and visibility in real time, so necessary in the work environment these days.

How? In a way very similar to that of a spreadsheet. That is to say, very simply. It is compatible, among others, with G Suite, SalesForce or Tableau and it is accessible from any device. The user can begin with a blank sheet, import his spreadsheet or use one of the Smartsheet templates.

The collaboration is not limited to the internal use of the company, but it can also be used for managing online in a simple manner the work flow with the clients or suppliers, sharing the sheet securely with an unlimited number of persons, but always controlling who modifies it and who can only view it. The work team always has updated information and is notified immediately of the changes that are made.

  1. AODocs aodocs

The great majority of loss of data in the cloud is produced by human errors. AODocs is a solution that keeps the documents safe, transferring the ownership of the files to a corporate account of Google Drive, and granting the administrators the capacity of deciding who can eliminate documents.

As we know, with Google Drive it is extremely simple to share information. To prevent it, AODocs adds therefore more confidentiality to avoid that the shared documents are re-shared or published in the Internet.

It is also a workflow tool that has powerful characteristics for automating the business processes, the life cycle of the documents and connecting various applications together. With a few clicks, you can configure job interview processes, expense approvals or policies of document retention.

It facilitates, on the other hand, the migration of the archives from Microsoft SharePoint to Google Drive easily, maintaining permissions, ownerships and the record of versions of the documents, with solutions also for Lotus Notes, Lotus QuickR, OpenText LiveLink or eRoom.

  1. ImportSheetimport_export-sheet-data-from-excel_2

ImportSheet is a complement for the Google spreadsheets that allows linking and automatically importing data from another Google spreadsheet or from Microsoft Excel, as is done in Excel in your computer offline, but simpler and also online.

Through a simple interface, it offers users an efficient way to work with large volumes of data from several Google spreadsheets, without having to copy and paste, reopen documents, insert formulas, etc.

Without doubt its use supposes an important time savings, keeping all the spreadsheets updated, and also reducing the redundancy of the number of pages managed, by reusing the already existing data. And it even facilitates traceability, because we can know not only where the data come from, but also where they end up among the connected sheets.

  1. Spanning Backup


This is a backup tool for G Suite that keeps safe all that you have in Gmail, Drive, Calendar, Contacts and Sites against possible losses of information using a private and safe sector of the cloud of the AWS (Amazon Web Services). It also includes the metadata, in such a way that, including the natural structure of the document, it backs up the annexed folders, the configuration of shared use and the permissions.

It will allow you to save all the data automatically every day when it is needed. It has robust backup systems and diverse options for recovery, and, for example, you will have immediate access to the record of versions restored with the possibility of restoring to the original version with 100% precision. Or searching for and selecting e-mails to be restored either by date, label, sender or subject.

  1. Forigotronforigotron

Forigroton is a service that allows us to carry out certain administrative tasks involving Google e-mail, directed at “damage control” and to the application of policies in the e-mail service.

It allows, on the one hand, recovering e-mails to the users without help of an administrator, as well as tracking e-mails and eliminating them. It also allows us to audit the contacts within the domain, review and update the accounts and the domain contacts, cleansing those contacts and addresses of the old domain users (and that may not again appear as suggested contacts), and even manage the corporate signatures of the users.

Other useful capacities are the notification of internal communications without sending e-mails, or the elimination of e-mails from a phishing attack.

If you need further information on any of them, or if you want to go into depth on any characteristic or capacity that G Suite can offer you, contact us without obligation. You probably cannot find a supplier better prepared to help you than we are.

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