Enhanced functionality for your geolocation developments with Cloud GeoLayers

Google Maps Platform


Intelligence Partner has developed Cloud GeoLayers, a new product that complements the Google Maps for Work API. It will enable you to enhance your developments requiring geolocation.

Cloud GeoLayers is a product that enables us to store our information in the cloud and create multiple layers to display on Google Maps. In addition, it also includes tools that allow us to query, change and interact with our data.

Being a cloud-based development, based on the most modern  Google Cloud Platform technology, it guarantees key aspects such as security, usability, scalability and the ability to adapt to operational changes. In addition, Cloud GeoLayers offers excellent data visualisation on Google Maps, even when working with large volumes of information. This includes key aspects, such as the possibility to query our data based on given fields.

Listed below are the key elements of the product:


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