Intelligence Partner’s Google Apps Support Service includes Directory Manager

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Intelligence Partner offers its customers a Technical Support Service for Google Apps, providing the highest service level, as expected of a Premier Enterprise Reseller.

The advantages of this service include the free use of Google Apps management applications.

The latest release by Intelligence Partner regarding Google Apps management tools is Google’s Directory Manager suite, which enhances the management of shared contacts and user profiles for companies using Google Apps The application allows the administrator of a domain, or whoever is assigned to manage contacts, to add – manually or by means of CSV files -, edit or delete shared contacts and user profiles in a simple and flexible manner.

Customers who are subscribed to the Google Apps Technical Support Service may request the activation of Directory Manager, if they have not already done so, at this link. A further advantage for customers that already enjoy an excellent added value service to manage their Google Apps domain.

If you require further information on the Google Apps Technical Support Service, please click here.

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