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Google Drive: funcionalidadesAs we mentioned a few days ago, the latest data from the survey on ICT usage in companies, show that file storage solutions account for 63% of business investment in the cloud. This pressing need that all companies have to host files is perfectly compatible with the cloud environment and, in addition, in the case of Google Drive we can add safety, efficiency and simplicity to the equation.

But if, in addition to storage, our solution combines seamlessly with other tools that provide greater functionality, we will have made a great investment. As part of Google Apps for Work, Drive is much more than a file container and offers the following options:

1.- Any file. In addition to unlimited storage – except accounts for less than five users, which get 1 TB per user – you can save texts in various formats, spreadsheets, drawings, recordings, videos, images…. on Drive. These may be files that are stored on your own computer or device, downloads from the web or from your email, as in the case of the attachments.

2.- Share (or not). Sophisticated but easy and safe options for sharing files saved in Drive without having to send them via email or make copies. You can provide business staff or external individuals safe access and decide whether or not you want them the see them, download them or even edit them.

3.- See your files anywhere. You can access them using any computer with an internet connection. You can also access them from a Smartphone or tablet and immediately sync any changes made as a single person or a team edit a document.

4.- See previous versions. A company’s documents can be amended many times and by many people who have been granted access. Therefore, sometimes we need to know who made a certain change or go back to a previous version. You can see versions from the previous 30 days in the case of most files.

5.- Scan your paper documents. Drive also allows you to save your documents in PDF format; as easy as taking a photograph. This function, available for Android, is especially useful for bills, invoices or bank statements.

6.- Make back-ups. Photographs and videos that you save on your mobile phone will be safer that ever using this function because they will be stored automatically and you will be able to access them at a later date, even if you do not have your mobile device with you.

7.-Work offline. Despite being a cloud-based solution, Google Drive allows you to view and work on your files offline, during a flight or in places where there is no Internet connection. Changes will be updated as soon as you have access to the Internet.

8.- At home or at work. Millions of people use Google Drive both at home and at work and, sometimes, we need to access certain types of documents regardless of where we are. Thanks to the security checks that guard the files, you can transfer from your personal account to another one without problems.

9.- On top of changes. The automatic edition notifications of shared documents means that you will always be up-to-date at all time on who is doing what. You will receive them via Gmail.

If you would like Google Drive to be your company’s cloud-based storage solution and/or work with the complete Google Apps suite, please contact Intelligence Partner. As a Google for Work Premier Partner in Spain, we shall help you to implement the solution and provide training as well as technical and administrative support.

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