Discover the potential of Machine Learning in your organisation

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Artificial Intelligence can be found in all media outlets. But, what is it in practical terms? How and where can you apply it to your business? We would like to encourage you to discover how Inteligencia Artificial and Machine Learning can boost your organisation.

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Today, you can find extensive news in almost any type of forum on the benefits of Artificial Intelligence in the business world. However, when it comes to implementing this technology in your organisation, you have to be sure of what processes are involved and how and to what extent you are going to optimise your results and investment (ROI). If not, you may be carried away by the momentum of the information bubble and end up implementing solutions that may even be counter-productive.

Difference between Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning

Therefore, first of all, we must point out the difference between Artificial Intelligence (AI) and Machine Learning (ML), two widely-used terms with slightly different meanings. While AI is the broader term, ML is the branch of AI that allows automatic learning. Therefore, ML is boosting AI today thanks, to a great extent, to the great amount of data held by organisations that are evolving towards digital systems.

How to apply Machine Learning technology

When you apply Machine Learning technology to speed up business processes, you not only need the appropriate method to generate ideas, you also need to have in-house experts who can advise you on the actual applicability of ML in specific cases. In summary, it is a process of inspiration and discovery, agile but necessary to find workable solutions with an impact (quick-wins). Without it, adopting this technology will not only not optimise your business processes; it will generate resistance to change.

Intelligence Partner has the experts on Machine Learning and the support of the leading platform on the market: Google Cloud Platform. Google Cloud’s AI provides modern automatic learning services, with pre-trained models and a service capable of generating its own customised models. The main Google applications that use ML technology are: Photos (image search), Google App (search by voice), Translate and Inbox (Smart Reply). Furthermore, the platform is available as a cloud service, providing excellent scalability and speed.

If you would like to know more about what Machine Learning can contribute to your organisation, do not hesitate to contact us. Intelligence Partner will help you to discover its potential and how to implement it successfully based on your company’s specific needs.

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