CRM functions that will improve your company’s marketing performance


SugarCRMA CRM tool must provide support to three fundamental pillars of any business: sales, marketing and customer service. Each of these departments must perform many tasks each day. The automation features and the user-friendly technology of a tools such as SugarCRM can improve the results of any business significantly and contribute to the work of the various teams.

Let’s look at three specific marketing department tasks in which SugarCRM can help:     

1.- Email marketing

SugarCRM enables marketing departments to identify the correct target audience and launch proposals that are consistent with the brand’s identity. Its email marketing feature makes the following possible:

– Create accurate delivery lists that include leads, contacts, accounts, users… based on the reports prepared in Sugar or imported from another tool. SugarCRM integrates with marketing automation tools, such as Hubspot, Marketo or Inbox 25.

– Email designs. Create emails in its email editor, which allows simple designs, without the need for HTML, to send elegant messages that transmit our brand’s identity.

– Campaign follow-up. Obtain the results of your campaign. Understand campaign data; Sugar enables you to check open mails and clicks, cancelled subscriptions and the leads generated.

In order to conduct these email marketing campaigns, we must first configure an email account from which the messages will be sent. Once we have done this, we shall work from the campaign container. From there, we shall select the list of contacts and then track our url to monitor and manage the mailing campaign.

2.- Social CRM

When businesses began to use social networks, only the communications departments used them. Much has changed since then and social media are now a task for the marketing department mainly.

All that information must be integrated in our CRM, as another channel that collects data for the Lead Management, anywhere along the customer life-cycle.

SugarCRM integrates social networks and enables you to visualise a customer’s contact points on a dashboard that can be used for several tasks related to customer service, the impact of marketing messages or social media monitoring. In addition, SugarCRM supports the integration of such widely-used tools as Hootsuite.

3.- Lead Management

SugarCRM helps your company to obtain leads through multiple channels, to classify them, convert them into prospects and finally, gain customers. In short, it manages the data and links them to customers, classifying them for your upcoming campaigns.

In addition, the lead classification process is very important and, therefore, a tool that helps us to assign a status to each one (new, assigned, in process, gained… ), to assign a value to the data, will help the team to achieve the necessary follow-up which will, in turn, translate into sales.

We must not forget that SugarCRM contains information that connects the marketing and sales departments. Therefore, it is easy to assign certain tasks or accounts to certain individuals based on their location or expertise.

If you would like to find out more about the specific benefits and functionalities of SugarCRM for your marketing department, please contact us. At Intelligence Partner we are experts in CRM solutions for businesses and we can help you to implement the solution in your company.

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