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Google Workspace

The social Intranet designed for G Suite users can adapt to the needs of every customer and allows the following, among many other features: use the Google search function to find company documents, create an internal news centre, customise items for specific users based on their profiles, and use social chat features to interact in real time with colleagues.


LumApps is a platform where you can design collaborative portals built for G Suite, designed to simplify business communications and collaboration. In the first place, we would like to emphasize that it has been officially recommended by Google, a fact that strengthens our commitment to this tool, whose characteristics make it worthy of our wholehearted trust. This is why we have recently signed a partnership agreement with its creators.

That trust has led to us using LumApps internally and encouraging any business organisation, regardless of size, to try it, too.

LumApps is a young French company with an international outlook (London, New York, San Francisco, Austin, Tokyo), which employs a team of more than 70 people. Its customers include one-third of the largest G Suite corporate accounts in France and they have won the Google Global Partner Innovation Solution 2016 award. Today, this solution is used by more than 1,400,000 users, with actual installations of up to 120,000 users.

A real solution to day-to-day challenges

In many organisations, corporate information is exploited far less than what would be necessary. Whether it is due to usability issues, the lack of updates, not having adequate search tools, a lack of interaction between peers, or simply because the tools are not adapted to truly mobile environments.

What we propose with LumApps is to have all corporate information, business applications, and social communications in one place. Based on widgets, this platform helps employees to work autonomously, offering each worker the information they need. For example, a widget can display important news based on my preferences/metadata, as well as posts of the communities to which I belong in LumApps, or another type of information, such as social media data, KPIs for management systems or APIs, and, of course, it provides direct access to your email, calendar, and G Suite storage. In addition, LumApps provides access to the tools to which you have subscribed in the G Suite environment.

As it connects internally with Google Analytics, the portal managers can obtain advanced analytical information on visits and usage with a view to implementing appropriate actions at the corporate level.

It is a powerful, responsive and multi-language tool that can be configured as an Intranet or Extranet portal designed for Google customers. It is built on the Google Cloud Platform, inheriting from it all its far-reaching security systems, and also features security audits that certify the complete confidentiality of the data managed.

Internal searches powered by Google

This is one of the key aspects of concern in portals. In this case, the search tool is very powerful and provides quick access to previews of the information found, only featuring the information to which you have access based on the privileges that correspond to your profile. In addition, you can connect to external G Suite databases.

Consequently, you can have access to communities, calendars and storage that is exclusively shared by departments or projects.

Another aspect that can enhance collaboration and communication is rewarding employees with gamification techniques, which helps to overcome laziness and resistance to change when implementing these solutions.

For IT managers, the good news is that administration is centralised and can be delegated by sections and content, if necessary. Content creation is based on templates and drag & drop features, which greatly speeds up the commissioning process. The widgets are available in an extensive library created by LumApps and new ones can be developed and tailored to the needs of each customer.

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