How to offer a superhero-like customer service experience

If it hasn't already, artificial intelligence (AI) is about to arrive in your customer service center. Not only will it be in the form of chatbots that emerge with a warm greeting when someone visits your company's website, but it can be present in many ways. The greatest benefits of AI come when it permeates all processes in the call center, empowering agents with superhero-like capabilities to provide the best service and attention to each customer. A good example of a contact center tool that natively integrates AI is Contact Center AI, included in Google Cloud Platform.

Contact Center AI

When looking for a contact center solution for our business that leverages artificial intelligence, we should consider evaluating this tool in the following aspects:

  • Does it speak appropriately with customers in every situation?
  • Does it adequately assist staff when interactions are too complex for an agent to complete on his or her own?
  • Does it integrate well with the rest of our business tools?

Contact Center AI by Google, the solution that empowers your customer service

One of the solutions with the best scores in these evaluations is Contact Center AI, a tool included in Google Cloud Platform. It is a software designed to act as a virtual agent of the call centers, allowing them to be permanently available to the customer (i.e. 24x7x365).

One of the strengths of Google’s Contact Center AI, as its name suggests, is the important role played by artificial intelligence. One of the main exponents is the integration of Machine Learning technologies, which make the system learn from the activity of human agents and emulate their behaviour when they are not available.

Thanks to this significant presence of artificial intelligence in Contact Center AI, organisations:

  • Significantly reduce the costs of services.
  • Have much more satisfied customers since they receive an agile, efficient and personalised service.

But it doesn’t stop there. It also empowers human agents from customer services, turning them into true superheroes. Contact Center AI gives them everything they need to offer excellent service:

  • It offers information in real time.
  • It optimises work flows in customer services processes.
  • It provides human agents with detailed instructions to save them work.
  • It automates basic tasks and allows human agents to focus on calls about more complex and specialist issues.

Put another way, with a solution like Contact Center AI, included in Google Cloud Platform, you will turn your human agents into genuine X-Men, a real team of superheroes capable, among other things, of:

  • Responding to many more customers’ needs in less time
  • Offering a 100% personalised service to each customer thanks to the information available
  • Significantly increasing the success rate of the agents’ interventions

Ultimately, completely unthinkable a few years ago.

Characteristics of Contact Center AI that make your agents superheroes

Below, we offer you a series of the most notable features of this solution.

It takes advantages of AI features to offer natural and high quality conversations

Artificial intelligence in all its glory. Thanks to machine learning, Contact Center AI is able to interact naturally with customers. The system emulates human behaviour in the most common interactions, which revolutionises the possibilities of conversational technology based on AI.

Virtual agents with Dialogflow CX technology

Dialogflow CX technology enables human agents to create advanced virtual agents very quickly and simply. These new digital agents are capable of changing the subject naturally, asking questions that complement the information required and are able to act 24×7 in different channels to reduce the intervention of human agents to that which is strictly necessary.

Dialogflow CX has a highly intuitive visual flow creation tool, enabling patterns of conversations to be created that are more sophisticated than those of the competition.

Agent Assist

Artificial intelligence and human intelligence complement each other and combine perfectly. Human agents can have assistance during calls with customers, with chat conversations that help them to determine the needs of the customers and give them detailed instructions in real time.

Valuable Data

By processing natural language, it identifies the reasons for the calls and customers’ opinions of how it has been handled. These characteristics help customer services administrators to collect valuable data from the interactions with customers and improve the results of their calls.

Other benefits of Contact Center AI

In addition to turning customer services members into true superheroes, Contact Center AI offers numerous advantages to companies that use its technology. The following stand out:

  • Excellence in the service. The customer receives an agile, personalised and efficient service, mainly thanks to artificial intelligence, which is capable of speaking, understanding and interacting with them fluently.
  • Virtual agents are as natural as possible in their interactions. The system emulates human behaviour thanks to machine learning, so it is able to offer the customer a natural experience. Contact Center AI takes turn to talk, answers quickly and accurately, etc.
  • Useful metrics for your teams. Thanks to its advanced technology, Contact Center AI recognises the most valuable information in the conversations and uses it in analytics and reports about factors such as reasons for calls, customer opinions, etc.
  • Reduction in costs and increase in satisfaction. Contact Center AI enables virtual agents to free customer services staff from the most basic tasks, and provide them with a witness where necessary. That way, technicians’ time is used wisely and their productivity is increased, which reduces costs and increases customer satisfaction thanks to an agile, efficient and personalised service.

At Intelligence Partner, as a Partner Premier of Google, we have accumulated significant expertise in Google Cloud Platform and in the solutions that form part of this suite, such as Contact Center AI.

Our experts are here to show you the enormous advantages for your customer services, such as empowering your technicians with their own superhero abilities that exponentially improve the engagement of your employees and the satisfaction of your customers thanks to the service received.

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