Chromebox for meetings, the new Google videoconference product

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Chromebox for meetings

Google has launched its new Chromebox for Meetings videoconferencing system. The best conferences are always face to face. Together with ASUS, they have developed a new product in order to improve and optimize how all companies work. This new tool makes it possible to hold meetings and share information interactively and easily without having to be in a nearby geographical location or in the same workplace.

Chromebox for Meetings is a product that allows conferences with up to 15 participants. At present, ASUS is committed to its development while Dell and HP will launch their products soon.

The new tool features the Chrome OS operating system and uses the Google+ Hangouts as the video call system for meetings. It features an Intel Core i7 processor, HD camera, integrated

microphone and speaker unit, a remote control and QWERTY keyboard.

Chromebox for Meetings allows the participants to share the desktop of any of the guests through a URL. Google Calendar can be used to add further conference rooms. Chromebox is further integrated with Vidyo so that it can connect with rooms that feature a traditional video conferencing system.

If, at the time of the conference, you do not have a computer available, you can connect via your mobile phone using a number provided by UberConference.

It is no longer necessary to work from an office permanently. Thanks to these systems, we can be in touch with people who are far away or even in different time zones. More than 68% of workers use these systems in a typical work day. Simple, interactive and accessible meetings can be arranged for everyone through a computer or a mobile device. This is the opinion of Google Enterprise CEO for Spain and Portugal, Isaac Hernandez, who points out that this tool also saves money when compared with traditional video conferencing systems.

Chromebox is now available in the USA and the products developed by HP and Dell are expected to reach Australia, Canada, France, Japan, New Zealand, Spain and the UK within a few months.

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