Christmas at Intelligence Partner










At Intelligence Partner, we love this special time of the year. And we don’t know a better way of celebrating this than with the much-awaited Christmas lunch!

 Definitely a great start to the week. All our colleagues from Madrid and Barcelona went out, at our respective cities, for a Christmas and New Year lunch (our colegas de trabalho from São Paulo will have theirs soon enough). We could say it was just an excuse to go out,  catch up, or to encourage internal communication. But it wasn’t just that. In these dates it is always something else. Perhaps it is because we spend a lot of time together and most of us don’t live where our relatives are.

That’s probably why, since the very early morning, the environment was quite different than any other day at the office. More relaxed, we could say, but let us be honest, perhaps the half day at work had something to do with that!


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