7 reasons to choose an expert team to acquire G Suite

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Too often we apply cloud solutions to companies in the same way as we do at home. We do everything ourselves throughout the life cycle of the tool chosen, from selecting tools to maintenance to contracting. We also do this when contracting  G Suite products. Are we doing this correctly or should we hire proven specialists in Google?

Hiring cloud services has already become a daily requirement in a wide range of companies. Having overcome our fears about reliability, security and privacy; criteria regarding productivity and mobility improvements, as well as cost savings from the outset, prevail.

The hiring process is so easy we sometimes take this step without due advice, and we embark on an adventure that may end well… But it could be even better!

This self-service formula is usually not the most suitable for business scenarios unless we have a guru within the organisation who is not only proficient in the tool categories chosen but who is also proficient in the one we have hired and has the time to assist colleagues in training and support tasks. But even this cannot replace the work of a true specialist.

In the specific case of the Google services contained in G Suite (formerly Google for Work), there is widespread temptation to do everything yourself. Who hasn’t signed up to a Gmail account without anyone else’s help? And once you are in, using the other services is a breeze: Hangouts, Google Docs, Google Drive, etc.

7 reasons to seek the support of a team of experts

Therefore, what can companies that are experts in cloud services and more specifically in those provided by Google, such as Intelligence Partner, provide? We can give you seven reasons. Let’s see what you think.

  1. Support.In the first place, and as a user of online services, you will have encountered this situation: whenever there is a problem or if you have a question, there is not always someone you can call for assistance with the immediacy and the technical qualifications that you would desire. Visiting forums, Knowledge Bases, or chats can be frustrating. That is the only resource when these services are free of charge, but it is also the case with paid subscriptions. Having access to a specialised service is crucial for businesses.

Let’s not forget that Google’s services are so beneficial and productive that, almost without realising, they become the key information thread in the organisation. Any time lost due to incidents can affect our results.

  1. Here’s the next one: The closeness and familiarity with the account that comes from having a specific supplier cannot be achieved by a manufacturer’s call centre, no matter how good their CRM has been designed.  Our frequent dealings with customers gives us an understanding of their problems and needs, and allow us to be proactive in the advice we provide. And this is the case from the first service contract. We become your allies, an extension of your organisation.
  2. Linked to the previous point, an expert supplier cannot only help you use the Cloud but even transform your company.By ensuring a smooth transition to minimise incidents affecting work teams, developing a communications plan during the implementation process, as well as generating a message that provides a clear vision regarding the benefits of the change.
  3. An expert team’s in-depth knowledge of the tools will prevent security issues by applying the best security practices and audits and, in addition, they will allow you to go beyond the mere use of G Suite services by helping you develop customised applications based on Google’s infrastructure in a flexible and timely manner.
  4. Continuous updatesDon’t forget that these online services are developing at breakneck speeds, and we are always attentive to certain functions that could be beneficial for each individual customer. Unfortunately, this is a service that a general call centre channel cannot provide. They provide help when you call them, but they will not be calling when a new service or function is added to see if it is of interest to you.
  5. Customised training. An essential element as part of the change process, in order to take full advantage of a collection of integrated tools.  OK, there are videos on the Internet, guides and training material, but nothing like specific sessions in groups by departments, in which the problems that some people bring up (and their solutions) can be of great assistance to fellow workers.
  6. The complexity of the many devices may require the assistance of a specialist provider. To avoid operational issues, it is best to have an expert on hand to help in the administrative aspects of the services and in handling licensing during the life-cycle of the suite.

In this article, we have listed some of the reasons why we decided to create value-added services for our customers in relation to Google’s business proposals.

Experience has proved us right as a technology provider (an unquestionable leader) and in our operational model, as can be seen in the fact that we are the first consultancy firm to be awarded Google Premier Partner status in Spain. If you would like the assistance of a team of Google experts while you dedicate your efforts to adding value to your organisation, we would be delighted to help you.

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