Mottu’s success story of using Google Maps Platform



Mottu is a Brazilian motorbike rental startup which was founded in January 2020. Its main customers are the professionals from the Last Mile Delivery  (home delivery) sector and it has the aim of providing them with a source of income.

The company has more than 1300 motorbikes on the street and the rental process is 100% online through an Android system application. When renting a Mottu, the customer receives access to Bora Bora Delivery, an exclusive delivery app created by Mottu. That way, the delivery driver rents the motorbike and deliveries are allocated to them.


Bora Bora

Bora Bora Delivery has customers including Mercado Livre, CIA Tradicional (Lanchonete da Cidade), Box Delivery and other companies of various sizes and segments, that use the platform to reduce logistics costs. This is possible through their own application which creates smart delivery routes through integration with Google Maps Platform, calculating the shortest route, in the best time and price with the format of value per kilometre travelled. Moreover, the delivery drivers also benefit from the use of the platform, since 100% of the profits generated by the delivery go to them. In other words, there are no fees for using the APP, as is common with other delivery applications.


With the situation caused by the Covid-19 pandemic, and the boom in the ‘delivery’ market, how can we offer an optimised, simple and fair delivery service which connects a fleet of delivery drivers by motorbike with companies?

What technological solution could help Mottu to reach this end in a scalable and measurable way, taking into account the dynamic geolocation that the company’s activity requires?

Pin Maps


Mottu is an inclusive startup and is by the delivery driver’s side at all times, generating employment opportunities and improving lives. The everyday challenge is bringing solutions that streamline the day-to-day work and increase client earnings.

Currently, Google Maps is the main solution used by Mottu to optimise routes and increase the daily profits of clients. With this solution, it is possible to create smarter and faster routes that enable the delivery driver to deliver more, in less time and with greater profits.

A strategic partner

Choosing a strategic partner for the geo-referencing solution was of utmost importance for Mottu. With Intelligence Partner, it was possible to migrate the Google Maps Platform solution without service failures or crashes. Moreover, it led to a real reduction in costs and improvements that facilitate the day-to-day of Mottu and its clients.

APIs Google Maps Platform


The suitable and smart choice of APIs has helped the Mottu application to offer the best options between and during the routes taken by the delivery drivers.

Some of the APIs used are:

  • Autocomplete (Google Places API): It offers predictions based on the search location, anticipating the full record of the address. This address validation system reduces the margin of error in the search and therefore the margin for abandoning the use of the application.
  • Javascript (Google Maps API): enables the viewing of the map itself. From this API, it is possible to see the results obtained through the Google Maps API.
  • Geocoding (Places API):  Geocoding is the process of turning addresses into geographical coordinates that can be used to organise markers or positions on the map.

And finally, to provide an estimate of the travel time, the following API is used:

  • Directions (routes API): it calculates the travel distance and time from point A to point B and shows the ideal route.
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